What’s inside my bag | Disney World Park Edition

Disney World’s Epcot Festival of the Arts 2019
Photo Credit: MousePlanet
Disney World is so exciting. So fun. So bright. It’s the most magical place on earth. The most magical place I’ve ever been anyway. I’ve never traveled the world so I think that most magical place on earth was prematurely judgmental. What is there is a more magical place? Yikes. I digress. Disney World is a very magical place. Maybe the phrase is the most happiest place on Earth? Oh balls.
Sorry for the tangent. Thanks for staying. 🙂 Soon we’ll be off to Disney World to enjoy Epcot’s Festival of the Arts and I wanted to share some of the items I’m packing to take to the parks.
 Hope this list helps you as it helped me feel a little relieved, less anxious and ready to enjoy our Disney days.  
Kipling Seoul Small Backpack
Photo Credit: Kipling
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Carry On (Park Days) – Kipling Small Soul Backpack (affiliate linked below)
    • Hand cream (sometimes hand soaps are really crappy and dry out your skin)
    • Hand sanitizer (Disney is a germy wonderland)
    • Feminine products (just in case)
    • Essential oils (headache relief, immunity boost, nausea relief, etc.)
    • Gum (as Disney World doesn’t sell gum on property)
    • Hair bands and alligator clips (Orlando though in Central Florida is HOT)
    • Facial mist (Again, it’s hot and anyway to keep me cool is my game plan)
    • Tissues (messes might happen)
    • Hair brush/ small detangler (If you do Disney right, you take lots of pics, including selfies, you wanna stay looking instagram ready)
    • Sunglasses (Because we are in Sunny Florida, I wanna protect my eyeballs)
    • Glasses (just in case contacts go wonky)
    • Contact case and solution (for all my eyeball needs)
    • Lysol wipes (To wipe down the grimy tables and maybe hotel toilets and tubs)
    • Wet wipes (for those sticky messes)
    • Bobby pins (You never know if you want a wayward hair)
    • Tide stick (I’d hate to ruin any clothes)
    • Wallet (You need your ID to enter the park sometimes and you know for buying food lol)
    • Small umbrellas (Little people realize that the Sunshine State has random, sudden and completely spontaneous rain showers, so an umbrella is a must)

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