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The Nightgarden @ Fairchild Tropical Park
First Steps
Welcome to the Nightgarden at Fairchild Tropical Park event review. I was captured by the social media exposure of this event. Every 10 posts of Instagram there was a Nightgarden post or advert. It was hard not to be curious. It was difficult to escape the colors and the mystery. It’s so pretty.

Once inside the park, you are greeted with a dark park with a sea of neon. It’s beautiful. The walk paths are trailed with neon lights so you’re away of where you need to be. About 100 feet into the park we are greeted by a dancing fairy with some cryptic messages.
We continued on the trail where the sticks with the balls that connect to each other trailed the path. They were memorizing. There is so much to look at it, it’s difficult to look at what you’re stepping on.

During the walk we saw a talking tree, a grass rock wall that spoke to us and lots of fairies with mysterious messages and animals hidden all around the park. 

The mystery. There was a scavenger hunt game (as if the Nightgarden itself wasn’t enough). There were 7 hidden fairies in the park. Each fairy had a word. These word made up a sentence. Just in case you go, I would hate to spoil it for you. It was very inspirational. 
The Nightgarden @ Fairchild Tropical Botanical Park
Plants made for space exploration. 

One of the coolest sections of the Nightgarden was a fairly lit section of the park where there was a small booth. If you were looking elsewhere you would miss it. The booth held plants that were being showered with a red light. Curious. We stopped to see what that was. TURNS OUT The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden works with Middle School and High School Students to grow plants that are sustainable in space so they can go into a rocket into SPACE. I thought that was so cool. Space plants. That was neat. We asked, not like the movie The Martian. 🙂

The Nightgarden @ Fairchild Tropical Park
Talking Tree

This was an amazing experience that I would like to attend again next year. I wish I could have gone twice this year but it was AMAZING. So pretty. Very vibrant. So much to see. Good job, Fairchild Park. Good job!

LocationFairchild Tropical Park

10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33156

Two general admission tickets were a take of $61.18.Admission tickets are advertised as $28. Once you add service fees and traffic management fee it comes out to the total above. I personally didn’t think it was too much for the experience. 

Two parking options are available. Free general admission parking in Fairchild Tropical Park (not bad really, find a space as someone is pulling out of the park. We found a space rather easy) or Valet Parking. Sorry, I’m not sure of the Valet Parking as I didn’t do it so I have no idea of pricing.


Time – 60 minutes plus
Food – Food options are availbe at nearly the end of the park in form of food trucks. We had Hippops which are healther verion of ice cream dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate and your choice of toppings. They also had churro trucks, burgers, fries, all sorts of fair food.

The Nightgarden is a walking tour of about 60 plus minutes with little sitting room. If walking for such lengths of time is diffuculy for you or for someone who is interested in attending please be aware of this. Also the path during the tour is sometimes uneven with lots of twigs, grass, dirt and micilenous nature items to step on. For instance, upon starting the tour I stepped on a stick that lifted on one side which I then rammed my other leg into. It was painful and I had a bruise from it for a little while. HOWEVER, it was worth it. I also had my boyfriend who stablized my walking when I was looking around rather than looking at the ground (like he was).


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    Wish this was the garedelli post. I wanted to say how I’ve tried the free chocolates they give out for free 🙂 so yummy and thank you for the update on Disney trips, I’ve never been but close enough and far between…..I need to travel more for my blog.


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