Bumptastic Adventures: Navigating Pregnancy's Twists and Turns

Morning Sickness Survival Guide: A Lucky Pregnancy Lady Chronicle!

Embarking on my pregnancy adventure, I’ll spill the beans on what’s kept me nausea-free. Prepare for a wild ride!

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Ah, the legendary morning sickness—like a rite of passage, but with less glitter and more, well, yuck. While some brave souls endure a daily cookie-tossing extravaganza, I’ve been bestowed with the Golden Ticket: just one round in 15 weeks. Thanks, Universe, you’ve got jokes!

Paying Attention to My Fullness and Stopping Eating at Meal Times

Picture this: I’m a plus-size gal, a culinary virtuoso. But during this bump-tastic journey, I’ve learned to play it cool. Overeating? It’s a no-go. Now, I savor bites like a food critic at a Michelin star restaurant. If not, it’s a face-contorting, gag-inducing spectacle that rivals any Shakespearean tragedy.

Bagels? They’ve become my arch-nemesis. I’ve even resorted to toasting half at a time, ’cause who needs a full bagel, right? Leftovers have become my sidekick, especially those magical childhood recipes courtesy of my culinary superhero mom. Enter the legendary Cuban Soup—known to cure everything (well, almost).

Gin Gins Chewy Ginger Candy

In this newfound super-awareness of my body, I’ve developed a spidey sense for impending tummy turmoil. It’s like a stomach serenade, a gurgle of warning. Cue the ginger chew, my trusty sidekick!

Now, hold the phone! I used to think ginger tasted like soap, but these ginger chews? They’re the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas! They’ve got a honeyed, spicy kick that’s a party in your mouth. Just remember to swallow. I’ve had some close calls, folks!

Are they truly magic or just a delicious distraction? It’s a mystery. All I know is, after a ginger chew, I feel like a million bucks.

Pro Tip: Find these gems at Publix or go big with a bag from the Amazon treasure trove. The Gin Gins I eat can be found below with a link here.

Alcohol Wipes: Because Why Not?

Behold the humble alcohol wipe—a secret weapon against morning sickness! I’ve got them stashed everywhere, like a ninja with her arsenal. Picture me, aisle seven, unscrewing an alcohol bottle, not just sniffing, but embracing it like a long-lost lover.

The result? I was a Publix-flâneur, a connoisseur of fine scents, and most importantly, nausea-free. Is it science or just a mind-boggling distraction? Who cares? It works!

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Essential Oils: My Scented Sanctuary

I’ve been an essential oil aficionado since the dawn of time (or at least since I realized I was preggers). Lavender and eucalyptus are my night-time knights in shining armor, banishing the demons of new car scent and other olfactory offenders.

In my scent-battlefield of an office, these oils are my secret weapon. They turn the onslaught of burnt breakfast, old cologne, and gym sock symphonies into a mere whisper. And lunchtime? Don’t even get me started on the daily fishy fiesta!

Now, I’ve mastered the art of the stealthy lunch-break getaway. A quick heat-up, a dash to my car, and a nap fit for a queen. By the time I return, it’s a more…shall we say, “natural” office aroma.

PSST! Check out my favorite essential oil sets click here or to check out my favorite roller ball essentail oils click here. Trust me, these roller balls are life’s way of saying, “Pregnancy, you got this!”

Share the Hilarity: What’s Your Morning Sickness Hack?

So, fellow pregnancy pioneers, what’s your secret weapon against morning sickness? Share your comedic tales and charmed solutions! We’re all in this together, with a sprinkle of laughter and a dash of luck. Cheers to nausea-free adventures!

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