Baked Lays VS Lays Poppables

Baked Lays and Poppables are similar in that they are both potato chips that are not deep-fried. Some say that Poppables are a little lower in fat than traditional chips. Here are some other differences between the two:

  • Shape: Poppables have a different shape than Baked Lays and seem to have more air incorporated into them
  • Calories: For 28g, Lay’s chips have 150-160 calories while Poppables have 146
  • Fat: Baked Lays have 40 fewer calories and less than half the fat per serving of the fried variety
  • Saturated fat: One ounce of baked potato chips has 67% less saturated fat than traditional potato chips
  • Taste: Poppables are light, airy, and crispy and taste like dehydrated potatoes that were deep-fried until they expanded like popcorn. Baked Lays tastes like light and airy potatoe crips. Both are less greasy than regular potatoe chips.
  • Main ingredient: Poppables’ and Baked Lays main ingredient is “dried potatoes”

Here are some Weight Watchers points for Lays Baked and Lays Poppables:

  • Lays Baked5 Smart Points for a 1 ⅛ oz bag (about 17 chips)
  • Lays Poppables5 Smart Points for 1 oz (About 30 chips)

Which do you prefer? Are you a Poppable or Baked Lays person? OR do you like a different healthier chip?

Let me know below.

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