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Road Trip Check List, Road Trip Snack Ideas and Road Trip Jokes

We have been Road Tripping ever since I can remember. Some of the best memories I have is hopping in the car with my mom on the way to Disney World or the Florida Keys or Georgia or the Carolinas or that one time we drove to LA to Vegas and back in less than 24 hours.

I love road trips.

Below I’ve made a list of my Road Trip Checklist, Road Trip Snack Ideas and Road Trip Jokes.

Road Trip Checklist

Road Trip Snack Ideas

  • Water Bottle
  • Water – Extra
  • Coffee Drinks
  • Tea Drinks
  • Salty Treats (cheezits, poppables, mariquitas, pringles)
  • Sweet Treats (M&M’s, fruit snacks, cosmic brownies)
  • Beef jerky
  • Easy to eat snacks
  • Mentos/Mints
  • Nuts

Road Trip Jokes

  • I’ve always wanted to travel to Finland, but I’m afraid I might disappear into FinAir!
  • You drive me car-azy
  • I’ll go the extra mile for you
  • Where do bees use the bathroom on road trips? The BP station
  • I don’t want to take my dog on road trips! He can be such a bark seat driver
  • How can you tell elephants love to travel? They always pack their own trunk!
  • Where do cows go on vacation? Moo York!
  • Have you heard that Tesla’s don’t have that new car smell? They have more of an Elon Musk.
  • Which road did Satan take whilst on his road trip? Route 666.
  • What kind of car does Yoda drive around in? A Toyoda.
  • What do you call a Mexican who has lost his car? Carlos.
  • What makes amputees so good at road trips? They’re always on the last leg.
  • I refuse to take my dog on road trips anymore. He can be such a bark seat driver.
  • There is nothing I like more than sleeping through a road trip. But they’re always saying keep your eyes on the road.
  • I didn’t realize how bad of a driver I was until my navigation system told me: “In 400 feet, do a slight right, stop, and let me out.”
  • We are planning a road trip through Canada. My wife is concerned that our old camper van may break down.
  • I told her not to worry. After all, we have Triple Eh.
  • Schrodinger gets pulled over by a policeman. The cop is very serious and starts to search the trunk for anything suspicious. Policeman: “Do you know there’s a dead cat in here?” Schrodinger: “Well, I do meow!”
  • Knock Knock. Who’s there? RV. RV who? RV there yet.

(Jokes Credit: https://abrokenbackpack.com/road-trip-jokes/ & Google AI)

Did I miss something in the checklist? What are you favorite road trip snacks? Do you have any Road Trip Jokes I missed?

Let me know in the comments.

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