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Best WW Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Best WW Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Here are some Weight Watchers-friendly breakfast ideas:

  • Greek-style avocado toast: A healthy option that’s quick to make
  • Breakfast egg muffins: Nutrient-packed and great for a busy morning
  • Bacon wrapped breakfast log: High in protein and low in calories
  • Breakfast bake: A great option for breakfast, brunch, or lunch
  • Oatmeal: High in fiber and can help you feel full
  • Greek yogurt: High in protein and low in calories
  • Scrambled eggs: Zero points on Weight Watchers
  • Banana pancakes: A sweet option for the weekend

Other Weight Watchers-friendly breakfast ideas include:

  • Fruit salad with a dollop of fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Low point leftovers
  • Air-popped popcorn with a piece of fruit
  • Smoothies

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