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How are you brave? Bloganaury Day 2

How am I brave?

When I think of bravery I think of Griffondors from Harry Potter. As bravery is one of their house traits.

I’m a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff’s traits have a sense of justice, loyalty, patience and hard workers. On the opposite spectrum Hufflepuffs can be seen as bland and may lack expressiveness. Being just, loyal, patient and hard working could be seen as brave. Right?!

Back to bravery. I could go on and on about Harry Potter. It is best to stop now.

Bravery could be going to a job every day that you hate or working for a jerk who treats you horribly because you need a job to pay your bills. I’ve had both of those examples. Sometimes at the same job. Eek. I’m glad I’m not there anymore. Getting a little ptsd at the moment. Those were dark days.

Driving 3 hours every day, round trip, to and from work to a boss who was the jerkiest of jerks. He’s a bully. He’s a hot head. He put incredible pressure on his staff. Hope he’s better these days. You never knew what you’d be entering when going to work. Is that being brave? Concuring fear about spending 8 plus hours with a boss you’ll never know how he’ll be when he gets in the office.

Bravery is also conquering mental illness one day at a time. Mental illness could be debilitating. Your head is telling you one thing. Stay in bed. It’s safe there. It’s comfy. It’s warm. The other side of your brain is counting to 3 so you can start your day one step at a time.

According to Google, Bravery is courageous behavior or character.

How am I brave though?

My core has never been bravery. However, with time I stand up for myself more. I recognize people’s bullshit and I don’t stand for it anymore.

On the flip side, I don’t know why, however when I do stand up for myself and confront a bully or someone who is taking advantage of a situation by manipulating me or others I break out into hives.

True story. Being brave gives me hives.

I don’t notice the hives in the moments of confrontation. I always notice after when my chest and neck are red and splotchy.

And I don’t yell or get physical. I’m just having a normal toned conversation with an asshat. I think I work myself up in my head just thinking of what could happen and my anxiety shows all over my chest and neck.

Bravery is also doing the right thing. Which I try to do. It may not be easy or favorable but doing the right thing always works out, in the end, in the end more so than doing the not-so-right thing.

Bravery is overcoming fear. Facing fear in the face and saying “yea, fear, I’ll do it anyway”. If it doesn’t hurt me or others, of course.

Bravery and facing your fears are new character traits for me that I’m just now exploring and realizing were inside me all along.

How are you brave? Tell me below.

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