Funkoween Week Continues with the release of Universal Monsters Funko and Loungefly

Funko just released information on NEW Universal Monsters Funko Pop! Figures AND Loungefly merch. It's spooky cute. Check it out in my blog.
Funkoweek Week Continues with the release of Universal Funko Pops!, Loungefly Backback and matching Loungefly Wallet.
cc: Funko

Funkoween continues today with the release of information on new Universal Monsters Funkos and Loungefly line.

The new Universal Monsters Funkos includes Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein and The Werewolf. All the Funkos seems to be Walgreen exclusives which means you can find them on the Walgreens website or stores when available.

From previous experience, I haven’t had the best luck finding Funkos at Walgreen stores. They don’t usually have too many funkos at the store. The most I’ve seen have been maybe 20 at one store at one time but that number is really high. Normally, the number of Funkos at Walgreens is 9 – 12 figures. Typically, it’s not more than that. And the boxes aren’t in the best condition at the store. My boyfriend once purchased a Hons Solo Funko which was on sale on the Walgreens website. When he received the figure, it did look like the box had a fight with a dinosaur and the dino won.

Here’s to better luck with this collection.

The Loungefly Universal Monster collection is adoreable. For starters, the Loungefly mini backpack features The Bridge of Frankenstein’s head hovering over Frankenstein’s Monster’s head. I can see there are several pockets including the larger pocket in the main compartment. Funko also realeased a matched Universal Monsters matching wallet featuring Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bridge of Frankenstein on the front with Dracula, the Werewolf and Swamp Thing on the back. It looks like the typical larger wallet Loungerfly has sold in the past.

No pricing details or specific release details have been released yet. The only thing we know is that these items are due to drop in the Fall and to stay tuned to Funko for details.

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