Best last minute Mother’s Day Gifts (That you’ll receive before Mother’s day, if you act now!)

Mother’s day is on Sunday, May 9, 2021. Which is literally right around the corner. I’m not sure if you have a mom like mine, who is difficult to shop for because if she wants something she’ll get it for herself? Just mine? Mom’s are sometimes hard to shop for. Below check out some last minute gift ideas that’ll make your mom feel appreciated (and you should get it soon, if you shop for it NOW.)

Ah, Mother’s Day, the one day a year that’s all about your mom. Moms are beautiful, stressed, overworked, clean too much, wash too many dishes, do too much laundry, need a break and need to feel appreciated. 

Check out some gift ideas that your mom might enjoy this year.

For the Techy Mom.

  1. Smart Watch Galaxy Active 2

This beautiful timepiece is stylish, sleek, comes in an assortment of colors and comes with one-day shipping from Amazon. If your mom is an Android phone person this is the stylish and functional watch for her.

  1. Smart Watch Apple Watch

For the die hard iPhone mom, she’ll love the Apple Watch. She won’t want to miss a call or a text from her kids and she won’t now with this watch. 

  1. iPad

Get your techy mom one of the newest iPads with accessories. This can be her new laptop. iPads are so versatile. You can use it to paint, create art, edit videos, edit photos, use social media, and so much more. Mom will love the iPad.

  1. Sony SV-1 Camera

Maybe mom wants to start vlogging? She’s watched YouTube videos on cooking and someone didn’t cook something good enough and she wants to make a video about making bread or a specific dish better. Now she can with her own vlogging camera. She can take amazing photos with this camera too.

  1. Macbook Air

Mom needs a new laptop. Those solitaire games aren’t going to play themselves. No no, I’m kidding. But when mom gets her new camera, she’ll need a computer to edit videos and photos on and why not a spiffy new Macbook air which is super light and super powerful.

  1. Alienware Laptop

Is mom a gamer? Then you should look into getting her a gaming laptop. And alienware is one of the BEST gaming computers out there. They provide amazing graphics, spectacular immersion technology and seamless gameplay. Please check your mom’s game specs are compatible with any computer.

  1. Samsung Tablet

If you have an Android loving mom, she’ll enjoy the new Samsung Tablet that can sync up with all her other Samsung devices. A tablet is a great gift, she can check emails, work on Microsoft applications, read books, check the internet, and do so many other different things.

  1. Airpods

For the mom that needs to block out the world sometimes. Or even listen to the phone without having the phone to her ear. These are great!

  1. Samsung Buds Pro

If mom is an Android person then she might enjoy the new Samsung Buds Pro. These give amazing sound, long lasting battery plus they can charge and recharge from your newer Samsung phone. 

  1. Apple AirTag

These AirTags are phenomenal for those moms who have so much on their minds that sometimes they forget some stuff. The AirTags are great for finding your lost iphone and ipads. Those pesky things always get lost. 

Book Lover Mom

  1. You are a Badass from Jen Sincero

Your mom is a badass and don’t you ever forget it. This book is a motivator, she’ll feel more empowered than ever before when she’s done reading this. But if you’re mom is more conservative, maybe she doesn’t like to curse, maybe she’ll like the following book better.

  1. The Greatest Secret from Rhonda Byrnes

This book is from the author of The Secret. This is a companion book to The Secret and just as powerful. Your mom will be grateful that her kid thought she might need The Greatest Secret.

  1. What Happened to You? By Co-Author Oparah

Who doesn’t love Oparah? She’s amazing. She co-wrote this book about how the earliest memories we have can shape us. The description of this book promises that you will change the way you see your life. Heck, I just put that on my To Read list.

  1. Bridgerton: The Duke and I by Julie Quin

If your mom is anything like me, I loved loved loved Bridgerton season 1 on Netflix. Well, that series is based on the Bridgerton books by Julian Quin. Get mom the entire book series. They have these books available on kindle and physical books. Your mom will thank you BIG time for it and so will Lady Wistledown.

  1. Kindle Oasis

Maybe your mom is the “I like physical books” kind of mom. That’s fine. But books are heavy and bulky. And sometimes books hurt your hands while reading. I’m a reader and my hands hurt sometimes while reading physical books. I switched to the Kindle years ago and I absolutely don’t have hand cramps anymore. I can carry hundreds of books with me at a click of a button. No more searching around for the bookmark that fell out and now I’ve lost my place. The Kindle automatically saves my spot. And the Kindle Oasis has a nifty holder that relieves stress on the hands. It’s amazing.

Help Mom Out Around The House Gifts

  1. iRobot Vac

Any gift to help your mom clean less is an amazing gift. And the Robovac will do just that. You set it and forget it and the floor gets cleaned which is perfect. 

  1. Dyson Vac

The Dyson Vacuums are one of the best. They help so much. They are very powerful machines and are lightweight. It will clean fast and effectively.

  1. Cuisinart Stand Mixer

For the mom that loves to cook and bake. And for the mom who doesn’t have a stand mixer already, get her this. Or maybe she needs an updated stand mixer. This will help her make dough for bread or pizza dough, cookies, cakes, desserts and meals. This gift will actually benefit you too as you should volunteer to be a taste tester for her stand mixer food!

  1. Ninja Air Fryer

The air fryer is a great addition for any cook. This tool will help cook food faster and healthier as it doesn’t use grease or oil to cook. The technology used heats with hot air flow combined that makes cook times so much less equals faster deliciousness.

  1. Charcuterie Board

If mom likes to entertain friends and family, she might enjoy a charcuterie board. A charcuterie board is perfect for snacks, appetizers, welcoming guests to your home, enjoying a light meal with some wine by yourself. Or have a mom and date night with some drinks and fancy sliced meats.

  1. Greenhouse

Does your mom have a green thumb? If so, or even if she wants to have a green thumb, this greenhouse is perfect for many different plants, herbs and growing of fruits and vegetables. 

  1. Breville Joule Sous Vide

Anything to make mom’s life easier is a great gift. This is a sous vide that cooks meat easier and perfectly every time. Mom will love that dinner will be done fast and easy.

  1. Keurig Machine

This gift is for moms who like coffee. And if your mom runs on coffee this might be the best gift for her. Sometimes you just need a new keurig machine, especially this pretty pink color. 

  1. Comfy Oversize

Does mom get cold easily? Then this is perfect. The rest of the family can be in a comfortable temperature when mom is freezing. She’ll be cozy. 

  1. Tech organizer

Mom’s fancy. She deserves a very fancy tech organizer. She can put her watch and phone and other things. 

Beauty Items

  1. Dyson Corrale

Mom deserves beautiful hair. And more so, beautiful hair she can do herself at home. Dyson hair products are spectacular and easy to use and give you incredible results. 

  1. Jade Crystal Roller for Face

The jade crystal face roller is a tool to relax, tighten, cool and massage your skin. Mom needs this. It’s become a beauty essential tool and you don’t want mom to feel left out. 

  1. Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth

Mom deserves a space to do her hair or makeup that’s all hers. This bluetooth makeup mirror is essential. It’s huge. It’s bright. It’s perfect

  1. Isaac Mizrahi Shades

I bought a pair of Isaac Mizrahi shades about 10 years ago and they are still my favorite shades. Maybe mom wants to be outside more or go to the beach or maybe she’s dying to take a cruise when cruising finally opens up again. A pair of these shades are the perfect sail away gift. 

  1. Clark Sandals

My mom likes to be comfortable. Her favorite around-the-house-shoes are these Clarks sandals. I usually buy one for her around every holiday or birthday. She has a wide variety of colors for any outfit.  

  1. Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Set

Fresh, clean and new makeup brushes are essential for a fresh face of makeup. And good new makeup brushes are very much appreciated for any makeup wearer. These are amazing makeup brushes, especially for the price.

  1. Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

I absolutely LOVE this product. I use this for my hair. And I bought this for my mom last year for Mother’s day and she loves it, too. It dries your hair quick and leaves your hair super sleek (even in the very humid Miami weather). This is such an amazing dryer. 

  1. Olaplex Hair Products

Olaplex has completely transformed my overly treated hair to a healthy head of hair. My mom loves the Olaplex line as well. Your mom might like this too. 

  1. Bamboo Cosmetic Organizer

Mom’s have tons of stuff. It would be nice to have a place to organize mom’s makeup. This would be great to organize stuff, that’s easily accessible and a very pretty organizer. She can put her new makeup brushes in this cute organier. 

  1. Keracolor Clenditioner

The Keracolor Clenditioner is a great way to change up your hair at home safely while you shower. It comes in so many colors. I’ve used this before, in the rose gold color and I love it. It either keeps your color or brings new color to your hair. It’s easy and so fun.

Family Fun

  1. Large Jenga Set for Outdoor Fun

Mom’s love to have fun especially when the family. This is great to get the family together, outdoors, at home, and having some quality time fun.

  1. Giant Connect Four

This, too, is great fun for the entire family. I can see everyone heading to mom’s house, having a BBQ, having some fun playing with each other on connect four while the food cooks on the grill. 

  1. S’more Set

This s’more set is perfect for family gatherings. S’mores aren’t just for summer time fire pits anymore. Mom can have s’more family parties all year round. 

  1. Keepsake Hand Holding DYI 

This is super cool. Mom can make a casting of her hands, with her kid’s hands or her hands with dad’s hands. And at the end she’ll be able to display this around the house. This is a beautiful keepsake to remind the day the mold was made. 

  1. Do you know your family? Game

Just a fun game to play with mom and the family. You’ll laugh. You’ll enjoy some family bonding. This game will bring the family together. 

I hope you got some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas from this post. Let me know what you’re getting mom for Mother’s Day this year? Anything I mentioned above? Comment below.

Please note below there are affiliate links. Affiliate links are links to a product that if you purchase that product I may get a very small commission from that sale. I want to be transparent and clear with all readers. 

Please note the items mentioned in this blog post are suggestions. I am not an expert in any of these items. Do your research on items before purchasing. This post is for entertainment value only. I am not responsible for any items purchased from this post if the item is not good, broken, too expensive, item received doesn’t work, etc. 


  1. This was actually so helpful! Swedish mother’s day is coming up soon and this is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for sharing:)

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