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Should I buy Disney stock in 2019?

Should I buy Disney stock in 2019?

I’m not sure but I just did. And I’m at a gain today and I have been at a gain since I purchased the stock last week.

Disclaimer: I am not a stock expert. I am not giving advise. I am just sharing my stock story with buying Disney stock. Buy stocks at your own risk, at the risk of the sometimes volatile stock market and only invest what you can afford. Invest responsibly. Always do your own research.

I’ve been playing the stock market game for over a month now. I’ve learned so much. I’m still no expert. And below is not advise.

Should I buy Disney stock?
Should I buy Disney stocks?

Every paycheck I set aside about $100 to buy stocks aka invest. If I can afford more, I’ll do it.

This last pay check I budgeted a little more than $100 as I bought a solo Disney stock for $135.38. And I’m totally ok with that.

I plan to buy more Disney stock in the future. Maybe next paycheck.

And it’s a dividend stock. Which I had no idea what a dividend stock was or even that there was such a creature. I went into stocks thinking a stock is a stock. It goes up and down. Alas, there’s more to know, lots more. A dividend stock is a stock that pays stock holders a monthly, quarterly or yearly percent of your stock back to you.

A stock that pays me to own it? AWESOME!

Disney stock is a dividend stock. At the time of posting this blog post, the yield is 1.438%. If my calculation is correct, I’ll make about $2 a year divided into quarterly payments, as of this posting as the stock is currently worth $141.59.

It’s not much but I’ll take it.

Also something to know about dividend stocks, the earnings you receive are taxable as in you’ll have to pay taxes on that money. I’m really not sure how that works yet as I’ve only been investing in stocks for about a month.

To answer my title question, I’m not sure if you should buy Disney stock? I did. As of this moment, I’m happy with my investment. I hope it grows. I hope I’m able to buy more soon. Again, this isn’t advise, this is just my stock investment journey.

If you're interested in following my stock buying journey from the beginning, check out my first post on stocks in "Why I Stopped Buying Lotto Scratch Cards and Started Buying Stock Instead" here.

Where do I buy stocks, you ask? Or didn’t but I’ll tell you anyway. I invest in the stock market using a free trading app called Robinhood. Robinhood is available via the app store on Apple and Samsung devices. You can also access Robinhood via their website.

The cool thing about Robinhood is at sign up they give you a free stock just for signing up. Even before you start investing, no money down at all, you get a stock for free. They have a cool scratch card game where you pick your own. Its neat. My bonus sign up free stock was Groupon at about $3. It was free.

If you’re interested in signing up or finding more research about Robinhood check them out using my referral code at https://share.robinhood.com/melisss1324. Full disclosure, if you click my link to sign up, you’ll receive a free stock and do I.


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