Pokemon Sleep. Counting Mareeps.

Today, The Pokemon Company had a conference which unveiled some nuggets of information for the future gaming plans. Read more for all the details.

Pokemon Sleep. Counting Mareeps. Gotta count them all (while we sleep)

The Pokemon Company announced snippets of their plans for the future.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019 The Pokemon Company announced tons of new products including Pokemon Sleep. Not many details were revealed.

What we know so far…

  • Pokemon Sleep is an App
  • The App will track players sleep schedule and wake up times
  • This collected data will impact user game play.

Also announced, The Pokemon Company plans to expand their mobile game play to China by releasing an enhanced version of Pokemon Quest. Already, 1.7 million players in China have pre-registered for Pokemon Quest since May.

Future Pokemon plan also include a new mobile game “Pokemon Masters” and “Detective Pikachu” for Nintendo Switch. A new app for Switch and smartphone users called “Pokemon Home” will allows gamers to access all their Pokemon games in one place.

Here’s to hoping more info is to follow in the upcoming months such as release dates, etc.

What do you think of the Pokemon Sleep app? Too invasive? Not invasive enough? Just right? Curious? Let me know in the comments below. Also, do you like this sort of content? Like, comment and subscribe if you’re so inclined.


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