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We've waited so long for it and it's finally over. Join me as I share my thoughts on the last episode of the Game of Thrones seris.

Game of Thrones Series Finale Recap and Thoughts

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert. If you have NOT seen the series finale of Game of Thrones please stop reading, save this post and come back once you’ve finished it. You’ve been warned.

Goodbye, old friend. (places hand on your shoulder and bows head)

So about last night.

The series finale of Game of Thrones aired about 24 hours ago. I’ve had time to reflect, digest my thoughts and put the pieces back together. Somewhat.

There was a crapload of talking last night, no? So much talking. I like that, I’m a talker. I just felt it dragged a bit. And by a bit I mean woah did it drag. What did I expect, you might be asking? For a series finale, I expected less talking. I don’t know what I expected. I had an open mind. I felt I needed to be open minded to anything, everything and nothing. Does that make sense? Probably not. šŸ™‚ Below I made a hightlight reel of the Series Finale of Game of Thrones.

My Highlights Reel

Dany, the woman with no titles, as she no longer deserves them.

Girl. GIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I felt bad for your when you left your starbucks cup on the table. I felt bad for you while you’re alone during the scene where you left your SB cup on the table. And I felt terrible for you when your friend was killed right in front of you BUT GIRL. No (rolls up newspaper and smacks Dany on the nose with it, if she was still alive and real). After the episode prior, to the finale, I just have no feelings other than pure confusion and disgust for Dany. She has no titles for me anymore. How can you use the most powerful weapon on your planet to slaughter a village of innocent people. Just to become queen. There isn’t a queen if you don’t have people. I understand she’s hurt, she just saw her friend die. That was awful. But go grief like a normal person. Don’t burn down an entire freaking village of thousands of people to… what… show them all how powerful you are? They are dead. Cercei is dead. You’ve only proven you are a cold blooded murderer.


I’m glad John Snow knew something. He knew you had to die.


Hand of the queen to prisioner to hand of the king. What a roller coaster this wee lannister road last night (and in his lifetime if we’re fair). He killed his lover. He killed his father. He betrayed his sister. He betrayed his queen. And the man still lives and as another hand of the king. Amazing. Just bloody brilliant.

I love that his life teaches us no matter what life throughs at you, you can be better than your circumstances. You can outcome. You can outshine. You can be the smartest man in the room and the shortest. You can do couragous things in life even if you’ve been deamed unworthy by those very people who brought you into the world.

I love his character so much. Yes, the actually character but his actually internal character.

I’m glad he’s still alive.

Bran the Broken

Who is still the 3 eyed raven and everyone is ok with that? No burning at the stake. I guess they are as they’ve voted him their King of the 7, erhm, 6 Kingdoms because Sansa wanted to keep the North free.

He makes me uneasy. I’m not sure what he is. He’s all knowing and all that.

He’s just going to wheel around the rest of his days and what? Let his council rule for him. Ok, cool. He’s got this. And not got as in GoT. Because there is no more throne. Yikes. Throne lava.

John Snow

I think he still knows nothing. I know, I’ve ready made this joke. It’s so good I needed to make it again.

I’m glad he killed Dany. I’m not glad he killed her AFTER she slaughtered a village. That does not make me happy. In fact quite the opposite. You’re the heir and all that. You could have saved them. You and only you could have been like lady, stop this madness, I am the King and no more killing. Did you not hear the bells? They have surrendered. They want to live. You could have stopped them. And you will forever be reminded of that.

John Snow, the Wildling.

The Throne

Game of Thrones. Even though there is only 1 throne. Or there was 1 throne. The entire premise of this show was who will reign on the throne.

Final Thoughts

I will not be signing the petition to redo the season. I felt it was appropriate. This entire series has been heart break after after break with loads of blood shed and beheadings in the process. Nothing about this series has lead anyone to believe in happy endings. What makes the angry portion of the audience think it was going to end well? It wasn’t. And you should have known that.


  1. Iā€™m happy with the ending too, personally! I would have loved 1 more season though.

  2. Finally, there is a load of hate out there for this final season. Yes it may have been rushed and some questionable things may have happened, but I think this whole uproar is disrespectful to the cast and crew. It is a show that will never be topped in my opinion. Great Blog!

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