Van Releases New Vans x Harry Potter Collab Sneak Peak

Vans x Harry Potter sneak peak collection.

Van Releases Harry Potter x Vans Collab Sneak Peak

Vans x Harry Potter Collab Sneak Peak

About a month ago, I signed up for updates on this Vans x Harry Potter collaboration project. Honestly, I thought it was old. Maybe they wanted to make the shoes when the movies were super popular but never came to fruition. But apparently, I was wrong.

But alas, Harry Potter, we not only have ear wax jelly beans but we have a new sneaker collection to represent your house pride. Each house has their own different shoe that represents their house quite perfectly, if I may add, in my humble opinion.

The Gryffindor shoe is a high top sneaker with their Gryffindor pride seal on top of a vibrant red and yellow striped diagonal pattern on each side of the shoes with black fabric in front and on the back of the shoe (along with black laces). Very proud. Very brave.

The Ravenclaw shoe is simple and classic van sleek. They have representing them a low top, blue and white checkered pattern with blue laces. Very sharp. Very original Vans look.

The ever loyal Hufflepuff have a plain black slip on shoe with a badger on the front of the shoe (I believe it reads Hufflepuff under the badger – could be wrong, its not super clear). The inside of their shoe is yellow. And there are yellow and black striped elastic stretchy bits on the sides of the flap of the slip on. Very humble. Very dependable.

Last but not least, Slytherin has a low top, laced shoe with a black snake skin design on the front and back making the shoe look very elegant. In between the snake skin pattern there is a hunter green situation with black laces. This shoes has a similar shape of the Ravenclaw shoes just a tad bit more comfortable as it has a cushion around the ankle opening in green. Very Subtle (but bold). Very determined and confident.

As a proud Hufflepuff, I absolutely LOVE the Hufflepuff shoe. Its perfect for me. I love me some slip ons. It’s subtle. Not flashy. Comfortable. Ready to put on and go. I can’t wait to get these babies home.

No word yet on release date. However, according to independent.co.uk, Vans is will launch more shoes and apparel to go along with these shoes. I cannot wait for these to come out.

Which are your favorites? Is your house properly represented? Let me know in the comments below. Like or share this blog post, if you know, you want. 🙂

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