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How to stay cool in Disney this Summer?

Instagram - 15 ways to stay cool in disneyIt’s the end of April and it is currently 81 degrees in Orlando and 88 degrees in Miami (that’s where I live). This summer is going to be brutally hot. Just like last summer. And the summer before.

You can’t always avoid the sun. But you can try and keep cool during your Summer Disney vacation (or Universal Studios vacation, any theme park vacation).

1- Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated at the park. And also, days before you start your vacation start hydrating yourself. Drink lots of water or whatever your drink of choice is. Avoid super salty food which absorb the liquids in your body.

Pro Tip: Bring a reusable container for water. There are plenty of water foundtains around the park. Also, you can ask any drink selling booth or restaurant for free ice water so you can refill your container. At the time of posting this blog, bottled water is priced at about $4 at Disney and Universal. 

2- Dress Light

When selecting your theme park outfits think light. My Summer theme park outfits of choice is Bermuda shorts and a thin short sleeved shirt. If you are prone to getting cold, maybe in a ride or restaurant, take a sweater around your waste. If you are outside, chances are, you will be hot.

3- Take Breaks

During your theme park days you’ll feel a slight overwhelming feeling of wanting to go on every ride, see every show and take all Instagram perfect pictures. That’s great. And you’ll do most of what you wanted to do. But chances are you won’t be able to do it all. Take a few minutes to chill. Stop in a restaurant with good AC and have a bite or just enjoy the articial air for a moment until you’re off to your next adventure. A few minutes to rest isn’t going to make it or break it. It might break you if you don’t recoop.

4- Pool (if applicable)

If you’re a tourist in Orlando, you’re probably staying a hotel or an AirBnB. Hopefully, you have a pool. If you’re staying at a place that has a pool take some time to take a dip. It will cool you off some.

5- Have some cool treats

Cool is as in cold. Not cool as in rad. 🙂 Try having some ice cream or a Popsicle. Maybe some cold fruit. Have a butter beer if you’re in Universal. Or a Dole Whip if you’re in Disney.

6- Avoid The Backpack

If you can, pack light to the park and avoid the backpack. Backpacks are awesome. They can take a bunch of your crap you won’t need. Backpacks are just that stay on your back. They don’t allow your back to get any air. You’re sweating because it’s hot, you’re also sweating because you’re got this slab of material on your back collecting sweat. Meh. Avoid them if you can.

7-Bring a Portable Fan

Portable fans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Amazon has portable fans that attach to your phone. Super portable. Very convenient. Also, Amazon also has sell fans that go around your neck. I bought some of these for the last trip and they were lovely!

8- Bring the Shades and Caps

Sunglasses and caps are great ways to avoid some sun on your face. I don’t know about you but when I’m in the heat without tinted eye wear or a cap I get overheated very quickly. And if you forget them at home or the hotel. The wonderful thing about Disney, you can buy some there (albeit more expensive but at least you have the option).

9- Go on rides with an indoor line

My suggestion would be to ride indoor wait line rides during the hottest hours (around lunch time). You’ll get some shade and much needed AC (that’s if they have them on and they really should have the AC on in all the rides).

10- Go to the Parks in the early AM or the evening

The hottest times of the day is from 11 am – 3 pm. That’s when the sun is beaming directly on you in Orlando. I’d suggest going to the parks in the early AM or the evenings to avoid the worst heat of the day. It’ll still be hot just less boiling.

11 – Shop During the Day

The shops are cool and in the shade, do your shopping during the day to avoid the beaming heat.

12- Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are great! Cooling towels feel cool to the touch. Please them on a heated area (on your neck or forhead) and it will obsorb the sweat and provide a few moments of cool. They sell these on Amazon or in the parks.

13 – Anti- Chafe Stick

The heat does work things to our body. We sweat. We get sticky. Body parts rub together that never did before. The anti-chafe stick helps with Just this weekend I purchased my first anti-chafe stick and I’m so excited to use it. I’ll probably use it for the first time at the parks. I’ll let you know how it works!

14-Hit a Waterpark (Blizzard Beach and/or Typhoon Lagoon)

Disney offers some amazing water parks. Water slides and lazy rivers provide amazing relief from the beaming soon.

15 – Take a Nap

When all else fails, go back to your hotel and take a nap. Refresh yourself.

What do you do to cool off at Disney? Do you agree with any of my suggestions? Let me know below. Like if you liked this post and if you want to read more of my Disney tips and tricks!

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  1. Great tips! We love the cooling towels in combination with the little portable fans you wear around your neck to make the heat tolerable.

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