Why I switched from Blogger to WordPress?

Why I switched from Blogger to WordPress?

After over 10 years of blogging with Blogger I decided to make the leap to WordPress. 

Why I switched from Google's Blogger to WordPress for my blog_Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 10 years and have made $1.32 from ad sense. This might not seem like much but I’m really impressed with myself. 

Blogging is definitely my passion project. Originally, I started blogging book reviews. That was neat. I really enjoyed those. I read so many books back then. How many? Maybe 3 – 5 books a week. Reading, though I don’t read as often as of late, is an escape. A time for me to forget my problems, jump into a world that isn’t mine, feel a kinship with some fictional characters and sometimes feel book comas after an intense read.

Readers are passionate about their books. Especially the individuals who read romance novels. For a while, authors would send me their books, before release date, for free so I would give them an honest review. I thought that was so cool. I wrote a great deal of reviews of books I didn’t pay for. But alas, there were a few books I couldn’t finish reading either because they were awful or life happened. So those stopped coming in. 

Now, I like to blog about travel and beauty reviews mostly. Like today, I bought the Jeffree Star make up brushes set and beauty blenders which I’m dying to try out and give my honest review.

I felt I really couldn’t take my blog to the next level using blogger. I was loyal for so long. I want to learn, explore and expand my blog. Blogger is great, free and I learned so much while using the platform. Youtube was my best friend for learning new features or how to bypass the system a bit.

WordPress is a grown up blogger and I’m ready to have my blog grow the eff up.

Also, WordPress features includes an app which you can utilize on your phone. That’s. Freaking. Amazing. I can blog on the go! 🤯 (insert mind blown emoji here).

My blogger blog is still up, if you’d like to visit it, you can go to 1millionpageslater.com. That’s my baby, my pride and joy. Hopefully melisborednow.com can become my other baby and my other pride and joy too.

Do you blog? What platform do you use for your blog? Leave me a comment with your URL and I’ll visit, show some love with likes and comments as well.


  1. We had been using WordPress but switched back to Blogger. I agree that WordPress has far more features but it is also much more complex and seems to need much more tending. I find that with Blogger, I can focus on blogging and spend less time needing to babysit the nuts and bolts of the behind the scenes part.

  2. I actually have been using blogger myself for the past 10 years, so your article inspires me! So many other bloggers have told me I have to move to WordPress but I really like Blogger and want to stay loyal. At this point my blog is making me very little income and while that isn’t my primary goal for my site, making something would be nice. Do you find that it is easier to monetize with a WordPress blog? Do you have to tend to more of the behind the scenes features and widgets than you had to with blogger?

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for the comment. I love blogger too. And I feel you on being loyal. I’ll be completely 100% honest with you. In 9 years of being on blogger I only made $1.32. Not an typo. One dollar and thirty two cents. That’s all. I’ve been on wordpress for nearly 2 months and I’ve only made 1 penny last month. I’m trying to learn to monetize. That was never my objective either. But I spend so much time writing, researching, editing, contemplating that why arent we allowed to make a side hustle or a main hustlenfrom it? Also, I don’t find there is a lot of back end maintenance. Though, I dont think my blog is perfect. But YouTube has been my guiding light in figuring stuff out on wordpress. It’s so easy to physically bring your blog over. Its just the domain name that’s kicking my behind. Lol I hope that helps. 😊

  3. I used blogger on my previous blog and while it was good for a free blog, I want to monetize so when I created my new blog, I started with wordpress. I have also use the word press.com in the past and find that the celf hosted block is the best. I like the WordPress app. I can write anywhere. I was never able to do that with blogger. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I don’t use any of those sites you mention about but if you will be loyal and leave a comment to mine I will feel loved forgotten….I start my own business on a blog and sell products with no reveiws, of course 😇, all I need now is comments and suggestions left on my page. Shown love 🙂

    I can’t believe of your blog Mel so great of you to inspire others!!!!!!! I want to fell apart.

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