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Game of Thrones, Winterfell episode recap

I plan to make this a weekend series where I recap on Game of Thrones episodes (I’ve done this with Doctor Who before, it’s been lots of fun). 

**Caution** Spoilers ahead. Bookmark this page and come back once you’ve seen the Game of Thrones, Season 8, Season 1, Winterfell episode in its entirety. 

Sunday was the return of Game of Thrones.

As Michael Scott in The Office would screams “IT’S HAPPENING. IT’S HAPPENING.”

Did the intro change? It changed didn’t it? Yeeeeaaaaaa it totally changed.

We find our characters in three groups. The White Walkers are headed to the North. John Snow along with Daenerys and Tyrion got to Winterfell where Sansa and her crew. Cercei and her crew are in King’s Landing with the Grayjoys approaching.

(Editor’s note: Oh no, I just ran out of my Animal Cracker snacks, that’s so sad. Puts me in the perfect mood for finish this blog post. I killed all the Animal Crackers. Lolz )

Or first face we see in season 8 is good ol’ Cercei. SHAME! SHAME! She’s staring off watching the Greyjoy ships coming in. Fun times.

I’m not sure how you feel about John and Daenerys but I think they are adorable. They are very lovey dovey. It’s cute. But you know everytime I’ve liked a couple of Game of Thrones they die a horrible, miserable death so there’s that foreshadowing there.

The John Snow reunion with his family was pretty cool. Bran let his freak flag fly in this episodes. There was no time for pleasantries. He wasn’t haven’t it. No time at all. My fave was his reunion with Arya with her modest I’ve only used the sword a little statement.

One of my most favorite parts of this episodes was when Theon goes to rescue his sister, Yara on the ship. He kicks some ass. Kills some people getting to his sister, unties her for her just to punch him. Badass, Yara. Bad- effing- ass! She knocks him on his ass just to extend her hand to pick him back up. Loved. It.

The ending of this episode was very… funny? Shocking? I really don’t know how to describe it. The ending of the episode was something. Let’s go with that. Bran mentioned he was waiting for an old friend. Well, his old friend waltz in and it’s effing Jamie. Yea. Jamie was Bran’s old friend.

Also, John rode the dragon.That happened.

Oh man, my sad moment was the Tyrion and Sansa moment. I had forgot they were married. Tyrion treated her with respect and honor when the rest of her world was shattered, she was being beaten and looked down upon. She also left him to dry at the end when she disappeared with Little Finger. And just now Sansa treating Tyrion like garbage, like she doesn’t owe him anything for being a gentleman. Not ok Mrs. Jonas, not ok.

I just noticed, Brienne of Tarth was missing. Oooo. So sad. I hope we get to see her soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my recap, my review and over all commentary. Stay tuned to next week for my episode 2 recap.

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