Keto Day 3

Keto Nood – Day 3

It doesn’t look good for this keto noob. Unfortunately, the keto diet for me and my boyfriend took a turn last night (at the end of day 2).

Story time. 

Last night, I came home to my boyfriend making dinner. He was cooking ground beef so we could have lettuce wrap tacos. All very keto. Romaine lettuce replaced the taco shell, some ground beef, cheese, sour cream, some tomatoes. The first taco was good. The next one tasted very metalicy, almost bitter and sour. The next were all down hill from there. The white part of the lettuce was super bitter. Ew. It was awful.
While we were having dinner, we decided that this diet wasn’t for us. We were going to introduce bread and other stuff into our diet just in moderation. For example, we were going all Cuban and having steak, rice and beans just light on the rice and light on the beans. We celebrated with some ice cream because what’s a better way to celebrate?
So in conclusion, there will not be a keto diet day 3. 
My boyfriend made us scrambled eggs with cheese and deli turkey breast and some toast. I have a happy tummy. And I’m ok with myself. 
Also, it was nice kissing him this morning without tasting metallic breath. Like a metalic breathing dragon. 

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