Keto Noob – Day 2


Keto Nood – Day 2

Check out what I ate on Day 2 of my Keto journey.

Day 1 down and I think it went pretty well. I didn’t know what was for dinner until late into the night yesterday. I had a lettuce wrap burger from The Habit Grill which was AMAZING! No fries. Just a salad burger. Those things are mega filling.

Today has been kinda rough. I’ll explain.


  • Here’s the thing. I was running late so there was no time for breakfast. 
  • String cheese at 10 am
  • Bad bad bad


  • I did have time to toss in some snacks in my lunch bag though. I get some points for that. Right?!?
  • String cheese (2)
  • Two Good yogurt
  • Raspberries (handful)


  • Baby Spinach Salad
  • Baby tomatoes (3)
  • Shredded cheese – mozzarella
  • No dressing as yesterday’s dressing SUCKED
  • Turkey slices (2)


  • Either home made lettuce wrap burgers
  • OR
  • Store bought lettuce burger from The Habit Grill (same as last night)
  • All depends what time we get home tonight


I thoroughly enjoy my meals. I’m full. Even this morning when I missed breakfast I wasn’t ravishing, I was a normal amount of hunger like “hey I think you forgot to feed me” said my stomach. A lady at work said I was losing weight. I think she’s a little mental as I’ve only been doing this for 2 days. Oh and it could have been my imagination but I was already starting to taste that metallic taste in my mouth when you’re in ketotisis. I think it was my imagination.

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