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Samsung Galaxy Buds (2019) Tech Review

Check out my review on these new truly wireless buds below.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are finally out. Though they have been out for nearly 2 weeks. I just received mine in the mail a week and a half later which was a few days ago for me. That’s not important. Dates and how long it took to get to me. The important part is that I finally have them in my ear as we speak. I’m listening to the Jonas Brothers “Sucker”.

I was on a hunt for a pair truly wireless ear buds for well over 6 months. I was looking for comfort and versatility, features and a simple design. Did you know there seems to be like a  million different options ranging from $20 to over $300 and from well known name brand to trutalu names that no one has heard of.

Finally, Samsung came out with a new version of their Galaxy IconX from 2018. I never tried those so I can’t judge but the internet didn’t seem to like them very much. I am an Samsung phone user so I thought if they make amazing phones, surely they make good ear buds, right? I also have a few Samsung TVs and a Samsung Gear 3 watch. I guess I’m a little bias.

For the past few days I’ve been wearing and using my Samsung Galaxy Buds. The sound quality is excellent. The phone quality is nice. I can hear others well and they can hear me really well as well. They are comfortable. I only feel they are in my ear when I put them in WRONG or when I smile. Lol. I’ve paired with my phone and computer. Both connected quickly once I read the instructions. Haha.

Helpful Tip: The case needs to be open in order to be discoverable to other devices. 

One of the features that’s pretty cool is the tap the buds features. They come programmed AND there is one feature you can program yourself. Which is nice. I don’t really use this feature if this only digs the devices deeper in my ear and I might tap too hard because they hurt when I tap. This is something I can live without and I’m totally okay with that.

My main concern which is kind of unique to me and that I have small ears and the inside of my ear is also small so sometimes I have problems finding comfortable earphones, always have.
Overall, I love these truly wireless device. They are easy to use. Good quality. Comfortable even for those small eared people. I’m really happy with my purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Specs:

Brand: Samsung
Release Date: March 8, 2019


Colors: Black, White and Yellow
Customize: 3 adjustable ear tips and 3 tingtips (included)
Compatible: Android, iOS, Mac and PC
Price : $129 (plus tax and shipping, if applicable)

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