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Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid just 1 line while going to a theme park in Orlando? Well, Universal Orlando has managed to do that.

Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure now make it possible to cut the massive food lines with the Order Food & Drinks section of the Universal Studios Florida app.

Select food locations at Universal and Islands have the capability to place your order, select your food items and place your order whenever you’re ready and pay online.

Universal Florida App
Mobile Food & Drinks
List of Restaurants with
Mobile Express Capabilities

This weekend, we visited Universal and Islands, we got hungry so we headed to the Fast Food Boulevard in the Simpsons area of Universal Studios. We were walking into the Fast Food Boulevard about to start standing in a line to buy food when I saw the Mobile Express Pick Up. I quickly picked up my phone, opened the Universal Florida app and found the Order Food & Drink button. Right there in the palm of my hand, I was able to order our lunch while we sat inside with AC to wait for it.

The only fault was we didn’t get a notification when the food was ready, we had to constantly refresh the phone. Small price to pay my friend, small price.

The App final let us know our food was ready so we picked it up and refilled our unlimited drink refills at Flaming Moes booth.

It was quick. Easy. Convenient. And now this is the only way I want to order my food for the rest of my life.

Hope this helps anyone looking to head our Universal Studios Orlando and/or Islands of Adventure soon.

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