Happy Valentines Day 2019

Today is Valentine’s day. It’s such a beautiful day. Take a deep breath and smell the love in the air.
QUICK story time. Our first Valentine’s Day together, my boyfriend and I, we went to dinner, we made reservations. It was very hectic. It took away time from us. We were a little stressed. Service wasn’t amazing because there was so many people. Sushi was good. Kinda perfect we had sushi way back then. We eat sushi a lot. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week. It’s kinda our thing. I digress. Basically, we were a little disappointed in the night. It wasn’t what we expected. So we made a pack that Valentine’s day we don’t go out to celebrate. We stay home. Have us time. Chill. Be happy and stress free together. 
Valentine’s Day is about love. Love for your loved ones, friends and family. Love for yourself. Just love. Simple. Whole heartedly. Without intention or expectation. Just love.
This Valentine’s Day we plan to just have a quiet night at home. Have dinner with my mom. Relax. Peaceful.
We also had sushi last night. Different restaurant. It was empty. It was nice. Just us, our sushi and some Netflix as we struggled up in a booth.
Today, on this Valentines day. I want to spread love. I want to thank you for reading this post. If you are a returning reader I want to thank you for coming back. I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog.
I love writing. I love expressing myself freely. It makes me happy. I’m so grateful I get to do what I love to do. 
Sending the world loving vibes today and always,


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