25 Disney World Hacks, Tips and Tricks 2019

Hi! I just came back from a Disney World vacation. It was awesome. I learned a lot! And I thought I’d share. I’ve broken the trips, tricks and hacks into categories, Before leaving on your trip, during your trip and after your trip. Check it out. Life, subscribe and comment if you liked what you read.

Disney World
Tips, Tricks and Hacks 

  1. Start Planning your next or first Disney Trip as soon as you can
    • There are tons of things to do before a vacation, pick dates, book airfare, find a hotel, buy tickets, start packing, buy essentials, etc. 
    • Lots of time and efforts goes into a vacation. Don’t procrastinate. Or else you’ll find yourself with a situation thats its even too late for Amazon to send you anything. 
    1. Avoid Disney during the Summer and Holidays
      • Disney can be a truly magical place. But a little less magical with over 60 minute ride times. 
      • Try to go to Disney on an off season 
      1. Start saving for a Disney Trips TODAY
        • Sorry for the shouty caps but I wanted to emphasis my point. 
        • Any little bit helps.
        1. Make a Budget
          • Disney is expensive. If you make a budget and set aside daily spending cash it makes it a lot easier to control your spending. Who really needs ONE MORE paid of Minnie ears? I know I know, you do!
          1. Pack for cooler and warmer weather.
            • Depending on the time of year you’ll be visiting Disney, it’s either boiling hot or cold (very few cold days). And even when it’s cold you sweat.
            • Layer your clothes. 
            • Short sleeve shirt under a jacket or sweater if my ideal outfit for cold days.
            • Short sleeve shirt with light sweater for hot days and cooler nights and cold buildings. 
            1. Clean your house before you leave on vacation
              • No one wants to come home to a dirty house. NO ONE.
              1. Also, do you damn laundry too while you’re at it
                • You’re going to need clean underwear after vacation
                1. Purchase Vacation Only Essentials
                  • Travel chargers (at least 1 for each phones or electrical device)
                  • Travel tooth brush and tooth paste
                  • Travel bathing suit
                  • Travel toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand soap, etc.
                  1. Download movies and tv shows before leaving on your trip
                    • If you can, download a few movies and tv shows you’re interested in watching
                    • Wifi isn’t always guaranteed so try to preplan your entertainment needs
                  2. Download the Disney Experience app before your leave on your trip
                    • It’s such a useful app with wait times and games
                    • Def must do before your trip
                    • You can also link your tickets and hotel (if you stay at a Disney property)
                  3. Parking Number
                    • If you’re driving yourself take a picture of where you’ve parks.
                    • You access it later without forgetting
                  4. Wear Comfortable shoes
                    • Walking is essential. You’re gonna walk. A lot. 
                    • Bring shoes you that can take a beating and keep your feet comfy and dry
                    • I’ve linked my shoes below via an affiliated amazon link
                  5. Expect lines and wait times for almost anything
                    • It’s easier if you expect the worst so when that doesn’t happen you’re actually pleasantly pleased.
                    • However, there are lines for food, rides and bathrooms. 
                  6. Use Disney Experience App
                    • Check wait times
                    • Check park hours
                    • Check which rides are functional
                    • Get fast pass
                  7. Hotels
                    • You don’t have to stay at a Disney resorts
                    • Off property hotels are cheaper
                    • Check out the Westgate Vacation Villas for spacious villas
                  8. Snacks
                    • Bring snacks
                    • We are going to bring Uncrustables of pb&j (easy and yum)
                  9. Try the hamburger spring rolls & Dole Whipe next to the Enchanted Tikkie Room @ Magic Kingdom
                  10. Peter Pan Ride in Magic Kingsdom
                    • Please please please don’t waste your time.
                    • Ride times are always so long for such a short ride
                  11. Water
                    • I’d suggest bringing bottled water. Bottles that have water in them already.
                    • That’s if you mind spending $3.50 for a bottle of water.
                    • Beware of that water bottle fill up at the park water fountain gag. I literally walked the entire Epcot pavillions looking for a water fountain. WHen I found one in England, it didn’t work. 
                    • Stay hydrated but bring your own water or buy it. Those are the only real options.
                    • NEW: Just head on DFBGuide on their youtube channel, that any counter will give you free ice water if you ask for it. I haven’t tried it.
                  12. Rain
                    • Expect rain. FOrget what the weather men say, expect rain. 
                    • Bring a small umbrella per person.
                    • Or you can buy a disposeable poncho for almost $11 at the park. 
                  13. Festivals
                    • Try to attend a special event such as a Food and Wine Festival OR a Festival of the Arts.
                    • It’s different and fun
                    • No additional charge (unless you buy food or art)
                  14. Food
                    • Dining is extremely expensive at Disney
                    • Do your research on where you’d like to go, read reviews, don’t waste your money on crappy food
                  15. Dining Reservations
                    • The Disney Experience App allows you to make reservations. 
                    • Use it. 
                  16. The Disney Experience App – Food
                    • You can use the app to order food at Disney.
                    • No extra charge
                    • Cuts line times
                  17. Enjoy yourself
                    • Disney is magical. Enjoy your time there.
                    • Take pictures.
                    • Do the things you most want to do. If you can. As much as you can.
                    • You don’t want to get home and realize you didn’t do something you wanted to. YOu missed out.
                    • Smile.
                    • Take a deep Disney breath.
                    • Don’t stress about the small stuff.
                    • Some people are rude and don’t enjoy life. Don’t be this person at Disney.


                    BONUS TIP

                    For some reason we smelled to many OTHER people’s farts. I don’t know if it was the beef wellington or what but it was a fart paradise in Disney world. So I’d suggest bring some essential oils to sniff while the putrid gas appears. Some were silent killers others were not so silent but still as deadly. I also brought a small bath and body works splash bottle and small perfume.

                    Hope you’ve enjoyed my list of tips and tricks for Disney. If you liked, please consider liking, subscribing and commenting.

                    Have a lovely day!


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