Today is January 15, 2019. 15 days into the new year. I didn’t make a New Years Resolution. I’m ok with it, not a big deal. Mostly because I don’t want make something that I’ll break in a few days, weeks or a month. I want a long lasting goal. A life changer. I want a life style change. A few things I want to begin doing on a regular this year.


I want to meditate on a consistent basis again. Either every night or every morning. I used to use Headspace, the guided mediation app. After several months of not using it, I cancelled my membership. I think I’ll just start with a meditation youtube video.


I want to start doing yoga at home. With the power of Youtube, we have so much at our disposal that’s free. I have a yoga mat. I am rather flexable. And I was to eliminate my front butt and get fit. Learn to shape my body so I can love it more.


I want to live stream playing video games (mostly The Sims 4). I’ve bought a lot of equipment including a large Samsung screen from Costco ($199), computer stand, mic, cam, mouse x2 and a keyboard (which I’m going to return back to amazon. My boyfriend is going to lend me his), usb hub, and wrist pads. I might need to get a new modem/router and a wifi extender. I also might need to buy a proper gaming computer. Dunno yet. I think my Mac might not be able to cut it. We shall see.

My little streaming space. Which includes a ring light,
Snowball mic, logitech camera, Samsung curve screen
and my macbook. 

I’ve streamed twice since writing this post and I’ve enjoyed the process of actually playing while chatting to myself mostly but it fun and I think once my equipment works, I’ll get into more.

I’d also like to make that a full time job so I can have kids, stay at home with them as I stream or as my boyfriend, hopefully husband streams to make the money for us. He wants to be a streamer too. This is actually his dream. It’s now my dream as well. We can both do it. Successfully. And make time for us.


Again, using the power of the internet, I want to start earning other streams of income. The internet and youtube are full of foolproof ways to make money either with make money as you sleep income or other ways. I haven’t really gotten into this project yet but once I do I’ll make sure to mention some trips and tips here. I’m not greedy. I make good money. Just not enough. I want to own my own home one day. I want to save for that very expense. And I think this will get me there. I’ve gotta try. 🙂 I want to also help my family and pay off their debt so they are worry free. And can live more fulfilled lives.


Last year me and my boyfriend took two trips (LA/Vegas and Houston) and a bunch of staycations for a few days. This year we have a staycation planned for this weekend, a staycation combined with Florida Supercon in July and a Disney Cruise in December which we are so stoked about! We want to go back to Vegas and Houston. Spend more time their. Gamble in Vegas. See some more shows.

Weight Loss

I want to start to lose weight. I’m 277 lbs as of 2 days ago. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, it works, if you keep it up. I didn’t. Several times. It’s all about the meal prep. Which I don’t. I get lazy. I buy the food. I just don’t make it. I end up tossing all the food I bought. I spend about $100 a week on groceries. And a lot of that food goes to waste based on my laziness. When I type that out. That’s disgusting. I am very ashamed of myself. I’ve been flirting witht he idea of doing the Keto Diet. Which is protein and veggies (just not all veggies). I’m a sweets person. And that might be a problem. And that’s my thought on it. I just want to eat better. Feel better. Be a better me.


I also want to read more. I enjoy reading so much. So fucking much. I started this blog based on all the books I read and I wanted to review.


I want to be more grateful for what I have and all that I am working towards to have. Grateful for my past, present and future. Grateful for my good health, being positive in my bank account today and for all the adventures I’ve had and will have in the future. I just love life and all it has to offer. I just want more. Sounds greedy. And I feel kinda bad about it but I do. I can’t help it. I want more to share, to expand to give to others.

These are my life goals. Not my 2019 New Years Resolution. I want more out of life in some areas of my life. I want to be healthier (mentally and physically), I want to explore the unknown to me and I want to be a better human, more savvy, wiser, better with money and just happier.

So on this 15th of January 2019 these are my life goals. Hope you’ve enjoyed. And maybe you get inspired to write down some of yours as well.

Happy reading,


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