Rock Chick Redemption (book 3 of the Rock Chick series) by Kristen Ashley review by Mel

Please note, this blog post contains spoilers and lots of them. It also contains my random thoughts from this book. If you haven’t read this book yet and plan to, I would recommend coming back when you have and enjoying the ride with me again. If you’re staying, welcome, and I hope you enjoy my review of Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley.
I have to start by stating that I absolutely LOVE this series. The women are so much like me (not in looks so much but their personality and their internal voices). These books are extremely relate-able and realistic. Like this could be me or you or the next person who clicks on my blog, it could be them also. Kristen Ashley does do a really good job creating these amazing characters who you just love right off the bat. Immediately. Good job Ms. Ashley. You have a gift.

Now on to my review of the third installment of the Rock Chick series.

Remember Hank? He was in book 1 and 2. His sister is Ally and he was in love with Indy who ended up with Eddie? No? Well go back and read book 1 and 2 of the Rock Chick series to catch up. Then come back here to read on.

All caught up? Awesome! Let’s continue.

We are introduced to Roxie, Tex’s niece. The only family he speaks to really. Roxie is escaping her crazy ass ex. She’s been trying to get away from him for many years. She finally ran to the right place. Right into the den of the hot squad and the rock chicks to save Roxie.

I do love that all these people do seem to genuinely like or love each other and would do anything to protect each other from danger or each other.

Everyone embraces Roxie, especially Hank who embraces her in different ways and doesn’t want to stop. Even when Roxie is hell bent to temporarily to have Hank’s embrace, until she leaves. Or at least she thought.

The story is a good one. You know it’s going to be a happy one, just getting there has become a little stale. Same ol’.

Girl in trouble.
Guy want to save girl.
Girl resists.
Guy saves girl anyway.
Girl thinks she’s not worthy.
Guy tried to convince girl many time.
Girl resists and resists worthiness.
Guy finally convinces girl.
Girl and guy have happy ending.

I love me a happy ending. A reader likes a little variety. I understand NOW that I”m analyzing this (at this very moment) that this books maybe aren’t supposed to be binge read. But read sparsely so you get a break between them to read other stories. Oh crap. Well I mucked that up.

This series is amazing. Truly a good, great, amazing read. I think you’d enjoy this book as well. If you are so included check out the Amazon link below for more book details. And don’t forget to check out my next read after that.


My next read is The Darkest Warrior by Gena Showalter. Check it out below if you’re interested. I love me some Gena Showalter!


Happy Reading,


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