Spice Girls are going on a UK Tour (without Posh Spice)




Ahem. Excuse the yelling. I’m just excited. Like really excited. Like so flipping excited I’ve already alerted my people that this is happening in the UK so a US tour might happen in the US. BTW, I live in the US. Just in case you didn’t know. 🙂

The Spice Girls were the first concert I attended. They were one of the first bands that really turned me on to music. That’s a weird sentence. They don’t turn me on. I was introduced to music with their music. Whatever. Lol.

I love the Spice Girls. I’ve followed them all as a group and seperately. Ginger Spice came out with a book after she broke away from the band (2 weeks before they started their US leg of the tour in 1998). Grrrr. I’m not still bitter. That was over 20 years ago. Even though she’s my favorite. They’ve all had kids. Mel C’s first solo album and Geri’s first solo albums are my faves from all of the girl’s solo projects.

They are amazing. Funny. Fun. Joyful. Spirited AF. They were my role models. ARE my dang role models even at 33 years old.

Anyway, enough gushing. If you are interested in going to see them, tickets go on sale November 10th at 5 pm (UK time, I’m assuming). Dates and locations are below.

Who’s ready for a Spice Girls concert? I hear lots of spice up your life over on the other end of this computer screen!! lol

Hope you have a lovely spicy day,

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