American Horror Story Apocalypse, episode 2, The Morning After review by Mel

Hi! Today I’ll be reviewing the second episode of American Horror Story Apocalypse, The Morning After.

Please note, this blog post contains spoilers and lots of them. It also contains my random thoughts from this episode. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, I would recommend coming back when you have and enjoying the ride with me again. If you’re staying, welcome, and I hope you enjoy my review and mental commentary on American Horror Story Apocalypse, episode 2, The Morning After.

Image result for american horror story apocalypseIf you haven’t watched this episode, you have been warned there are some serious spoilers ahead.

Well shit. Snakes in the MOTHERFUCKER closet time. Looks like this is when the Coven crosses over to Apocalypse. Those snakes became dinner. Yum? Are snakes better than cubes of vitamins though? Hopefully, I’ll never be placed in a situation to tell you.

First commercial break.

Oh Fabio aka Landon. His hair. But then all the hair on this season is extremely special. Let’s talk about Fabio’s hair. Its comforting to know that if we encounter this version of the apocalypse there will be some kind of method to curl my hair.

Surprise surprise. Evan Peters is someone not who we didn’t expect. He’s gay. He enjoys lots of things, including leather. He coorsed one of the ladies to make him an Elite because he refused to do her hair if she made him a servant. SO clever.

Some serious crossing seasons. We have the snakes form The Coven and now we have the the rubber suit man from The Murder House.

Woah. That’s was a long part of the show without commercials. That was really nice. 🙂 Made me  really happy.

Second Commercial Break

Oh and the truth comes out. The man in the rubber suit was NOT Fabio.

Image result for american horror story apocalypse episode 2
Courtesy of FX

Woah. Is it on a loop? Did my show just get fucked? I could have sworn we JUST saw Fabio telling Evan Peters that his grandma squealed on him and that her grandmother hates his guts. Also that his ass or mouth doesn’t need to be filled but his ass does. WHOOPS! It didn’t loops. I pressed the rewind button. MY BAD. On to the review… Seriously, I’m sorry. LOL

Evan Peters vs Grandma. Who deserve to live? A woman who has the will to live? Or a spoiled brat who has perversons who just wants to be loved?

The hidden couple finds out that the cooperative have been lying to them the entire time. AND the rubber man is in the room with the couple as they begin to fuck. .Jesus. Why can’t anyone be happier ever after in American Horror Story? Just like Game of Thrones. SIGH.

Third Commercial Break

And we’re back.Evan Peters is sulking when Rubber Man shows up. I’m thinking Rubber Man is about to kill Evan Peters. Am I right? We shall see. Ooooo I was wrong. So very very wrong. Yikes. As always, so surprised by the fucking. Lol IDK why. I’ve watched almost all of the American Horror Stories franchies (except Hotel- I just couldn’t get into it).

So they caught the couple in forbidden love. I hope they don’t kill them but alas they probably will. Because that’s what this show does.

Image result for american horror story apocalypse episode 2
Courtesy of FX

I’m so sorry, what the what? Are they robots? And of course that’s the end of the epsidoe. Woah. What a cliff hanger. This show is so fucked!

Theory: I am starting to belive the outside word if just fucking fine. That this might be a fucked experience. Or some sick joke.

Best line of this episode: “You were 52 when Elvis took his last shit.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on American Horror Story Apocalypse, episode 2, The Morning After.

I hope to see you soon,


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