American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode 1 The End review and reaction by Mel of 1millionpageslater

Hi and welcome to my blog about the first episode of the American Horror Story Apocalyse Episode 1 review and reaction. This is my honest reaction. Please note if you haven’t seen this episode you will find spoilers below. You have been warned. If you’re still with us, please enjoy. 

Come experience the Premier of American Horror Story: Apocalypse for the first time with me. I’m live blogging as I watch the show. I’m actually watching it on Friday. I’m a few days late. I actually wasn’t home to see the show on Wednesday. My bad. Life happens. 🙂

I did this style blogging with last season of Doctor Who. I got a good response, I think some people liked it. Maybe. Maybe not. BUT I enjoyed myself. So Imma do it again with AHS.

You have been warned there will be spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you might want to watch first then come back and read me later. If not, enjoy the spoilers and my mostly, my scrambled thought waves as I watch this show that confuses, apawls and sometimes repulses the living crap out of me. Lol

The show has started.

Woah. So many trendy references so fast. Instagram influencer. Kardashians. Juice. 😉 Holy shit but all that murder so soon. Wait there wasn’t anyone in the cockpit? How’d the airplane take off? So many questions so soon. Like whose missle was it? And a misle that takes out the entire world? Or was it many that took out big cities? So continues.

Intro and first commercial break

Oooooooooo DNA from an ancestory test. I knew them shits some how connected to the government. Sorry, side note, of course. Damn how long have they’ve been there for there to be some weird hair styles already. Segragation so early as well. Purples and Greys. Good Lord. OoooOOoooo and no UNAUTHORIZED copulation of any kind. I bet what’s gonna happen is very much unauthorized copulation of many kinds. 😉  WTH. Did you see that 666 on the shower mirror? And that creepy whispering. Then disappeared 666. Ay. I don’t like it.

Second commercial break

Woah. I can’t believe theres already been over 20 minutes of this shower. Time flies when you’re contemplating every word everyone said (well there was about 5 minutes where no one talked) lol. And we are back where everyone cleans up very nice. Jesus Christ. So we met a boy and girl earlier that were caught before the blast and held before moving them to their final destination. Very final. As in never leaving again. The outside world has been nuked. And the people in that compound may (at least they were told) that they are the only non-contaminated humans on the planet. Half were the purples or those elite, the ones with money or those who had the perfect DNA as was mentioned earlier in that girl and boy we met earlier. And the Greys which are servants. The prissy bitch’s assistant became a Grey which really pisses me the eff off! GRRRR

Third commercial break

Oh shit. These crazy bitches have gone rouge. Oh no no no no no. The meal was the guy who they killed in the shower. Right? Of course. Because how would they have been getting the meat. OH GOD! I knew it. This show is so fucked!

Fourth commercial break

#toomannycommercials #thankgodforfastforward #thankgodfordvr Oh that old lady. Ooooo that’s a good point. If that guy was contaminated why wouold they feed him to them that contaminated. It was a bunch of bullshit. Fuckers. Wait. Horses with gas masks? That’s kinda fucked. Oh. The Cooperative are vampires? Lol THEY killed the horses?!? Jesus. Creeper vampire dude wit the pink eyeshadow only on the inside half of the eyelid. #creepyaf.

Fifth commercial break

And it’s done. Who does a commercial right before the credits? Is that something new? That’s shitty because I feel like I missed something now. SO I don’t get a preview. I’m sad about that.

Final Thoughts

I’m confused. I have so many unanswered questions…

– What are they going to do with the horses?
– They were able to use the horses even when contaminated. So not zombies?
– Why did they go roque?
– Why only keep 9 or 10 elite?
– And why did the horse guy look like a reject from Vampire

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