Doctor Who returns on Sunday, October 7th

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and if so, I do not mean to rock shame you, I’m just want to let you know, that you are excused from knowing about the new Doctor Who because you haven’t been exposed to it. There for enjoy the news.

In less than a month we will FINALLY have Doctor Who return for some all new newness. I just love new things. It even smells like new. Mmmmmm new car smell.

The newness consists of…

1- Jodie Wittaker, the new FEMALE Doctor
   a. Not only are we getting a new Doctor this series
   b. BUT it’s a FEMALE Doctor – The first thru the 12th Doctor have all been male so this is extremely exciting 
2- Worldwide premier date (normally the UK gets its first then it’s leasurely distributed around the world)
3- New Companions
4- New TARDIS – EEK!
5- New Christmas Episode (only 2 weeks after Season 11 finale) so we don’t have to wait too long

The show runners are also new. So Steven Moffet (Director, Producer, Exec Producer, Writer, etc. etc.) who has been around since the 9th Doctor will no longer be part of the Doctor Who shows. I do believe he’ll be part of the DW franchise in some ways. Maybe writing books or something else. He will be missed.

The showrunner is now Chris Chibnall. No pressure Chris but we need you to bring it and kick ass and make all of us Whovians laugh and cry, probably at the same time. 😉

Get hyped. Get excited. We are ready for you Jodie Whittaker. Hope you enjoy the new Doctor Who Series 11 trailer. 

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