Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 "The Doctor Falls" Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 “The Doctor Falls” Review


Cute little town with pre-cyber men scare crows all round the land. This cannot be good! And they walk every so often towards the houses. They get lose and just wonder towards the people. I’d be in a constant state of diarrhea if I lived there. That’s neither here nor there though.

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I do love how they pull out all the stops for season finales and Christmas episodes. This makes me happy. All this fire, explosions, rockets, Cyber Men and just plane awesomeness rolled into 60 minutes.

Bill is such a powerful force that even being a Cyber Man won’t stop her humanity! She fights her new natural instinct to save the Doctor. Which is lovely. But its freaking me out that she keeps carrying the Doctor in the first couple beginning scenes.

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Damn, Bill, damn! She’s a Cyber Man but her brain refuses to accept that. She doesn’t know why the town is scared of her. This little girl (who has Bill’s hair) gives Bill a mirror. And she sees her Cyber Man face. She doesn’t remember and she doesn’t get it. The Doctor explains the brain bit to her. She gets it now, maybe. She needs to control her emotions because she just get angry and she exploded the barn she’s kept in. Of course this shocks the town. The town that’s preparing for the a war against the Cyber Men.

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And the Doctor has a plan. I love it. And it fucking bloody better work! Nardole helped too. He figured their floor isn’t just a town. It’s a fucking spaceship that blows up when shot at. Which is BRILLIANT! You go Nardole.

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I love the Doctor’s speeches. Sometimes you can’t do much but you do what you can do because it’s kind. More kindness is needed in this world. Not just in a spaceship. I’m not talking about in Doctor Who world, I’m talking about the planet that we live on, us pesky humans.

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This episode should be titled “The Doctor and his epic speeches”. The speech the Doctor gave Nardole was pretty awesome about him being stronger to lead those people to safety and look after them day after day.

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There are lots of endings to this show. The Master and Missy though. They killed each other and they were the same person. Does that mean they committed suicide? Is that what happened?

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Oh the river that’s on my face… Oh Bill! Love how they take Bill full circle. They bring back the cute girl from the puddles to come collect Bill to her to “other form of living”.

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The Doctor doesn’t want to go. Much like the 10th Doctor. This Doctor stops his re-generation a few times. Fights the TARDIS. Fights himself. Just to land on an icey place where he stumbles on the FIRST Doctor (who the original actor that plays him died in the 70s). Which is epic! This is all a prelode to the Christmas episode that’ll come around in December. That’s a mighty long wait btw.

Fun fact: the actor that plays the First Doctor in the season finale plays Filch in Harry Potter. 

And what the fuck am I going to do with myself until then?!? Fucking fuck! Should I go back and watch the original episodes. Like the black and white versions? Wow! I can do that but I’ve got to hunt them down as they aren’t easily accessable I don’t think. We shall see. Big Brother America is on now. I can chat about that. We shall see what I do my fellow, Whovians. Until the Christmas episode in December, please be kinder, one act of kindness at a time. Your heart will thank you for it. 🙂 Be well.


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