Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 "World Enough and Time" Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 “World Enough and Time” Review 

CAUTION: Spoilers Aheads

Doctor Who Intro

ALERT ALERT! The Doctor is re-generation? Already? 60 seconds into the episodes?

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I’m sorry what What WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? Bill… shot… in the chest? No no no. No fucking way! Why would they do that. So many options and they shoot her?! We didn’t see her drop or close her eyes or anything crazy like that. It might be a dream. OR it might be a vision. Possibly something else, anything else?!?

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Wooooooooooow! But BUT BUT WHAT THE FUCK? Bill was taken by these sick fucks. Not like sickos/child molesters but these people who are bandaged and are attached to IVs. This is tres creepy. I know I say this all the time. And it is all creepy (over used or not it is still a word that very much applies in this situation).

 (paused) We have a close up on Bill’s face. I just want to make a side note that Pearl’s eyebrows are amazing!! That’s all (play)

Commercial Break

“Would you like some tea?” The (for the lack of a better word) creepy/unbathed guy asks Bill?!?

She uncovers a window to show a world that’s gray, smoke coming from many buildings and no sun light. And one of those sick people attached to the IVs tried to hurt Bill. This long hair, bad toothed creepy guy saved her. Which is nice. And then offers her some tea.

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So we learn some interesting stuff. The Doctor, scooby gang and Bill are on a ship. One end of the ship is near a black hole which time moves much more slowly because of the gravity pull and what not. And Bill is on the bottom of the ship that time moves much more quickly. It seems Bill has been there years now. She was dead. She was fixed with some shiny new heart and now she’s stuck cleaning the floors. Poor Bill and her new shiny breaky heart.

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Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! Bill is in trouble and she’s waiting for a very long time for the Doctor. This makes me sad if he doesn’t get to her in time. No. He needs to get to her in time! Right?


Commercial Break

Awwwwwww! They turned Bill into a Cyber Man?!? Ahhhhhhh! THEY TURNED BILL INTO A CYBER MAN! But she had a tear rolling down her Cyber cheek. :'( As did I. Poor Bill. The girl who waited. (Rory reference). And I didn’t even reference that the creepy weird toothed fucker is The Master from when he was Prime Minister. Yea, too much shit has gone down since then. Fuck!

So come on there must be a way to save her. Fuck!! I love Bill.

And then they leave it all cliff hangery. UGH! Until next episode, my fellow Whovian. Hoping you have some Doctor Who dreams and saving Billl wishes.


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