Doctor Who Season 11 Episode "The Eaters of Light" Episode Recap/Review

Doctor Who Season 11 Episode “The Eaters of Light” Episode Recap/Review

Please Note: Spoilers Ahead

Theme Intro Started…

This is an extremely creepy intro with two children and a crow that says Doc…tor. WTF?

First Commercial Break

Action packed in just the first 10 minutes. The Doctor, Bill and a comfy in PJs Nardole head to the end of the Roman civilization. I think they are going to see what really eradicated the Romans. For some reason Bill seams to think she knows more about Roman history than the Doctor, who had lived it, obs. Bill sets out to bring back a soldier and the Doctor and Nardole head out the other way. Bill finds a soldier, a monster and some more soldiers, oh my!

Commercial Break

Uhhmmm pool of dragons? Is that what those things were?! This is getting really close to shark territory for me.

Btw, I really loved the Big Bad Wold reference. Get it! πŸ˜‰

Commercial Break

This episode should be called “The One with all the Great Speeches.” First swirly face, the Doctor and now Bill. πŸ™‚

Commercial Break

The Centurion and the locals meet. Bill stumbles upon the Doctor while she’s trying to escape the dragon monster who have eaten a few Romans. Whoops. And they realize that both groups of people that are left are children. They are all children fighting what is left of each other. The fight is no longer between the locals and the Romans. It is between the locals, Romans, The Doctor with Scooby Gang aka his companions and the Light Eaters now.

But alas, the Doctor has a plan. I do love it when the Doctor has a plan.

Commercial Break

Oh oh oh! The Doctor tries, oh he tries so hard to be the sole guardian of the gate but he’s over powered by the Roman and local scot children. His logic is that he lives on and on and on as their list span is not so long. They finally grow up. Take charge. Do their duty. Fight together, not each other.

I do love how they go full circle on this episode. The Doctor Who powers that be did close it with the crows and the children from the opening scene. Love it!! Consistency makes me happy. The crows remember. They hold the memories of the people. Not so creepy after all. πŸ™‚

The Doctor and gang hop on the Tardis to find Missy roaming just inside the doors. Of course, Nardole and Bill are shocked and a bit outraged. And of course, The Doctor has it all under control. She’s only working on Tardis maintenance.

The very last scene is the Doctor and Missy listening to the local jig, Missy had a tear rolling down her cheek. She’s confused by this, doesn’t know why it’s happening. The Doctor says he’s not sure if she’s trying to manipulate him or if she’s genuine. He says he’s hopeful but doesn’t know for sure. If she’s true, they could be friends again.

Side note: Has there been too many consecutive episodes referring to the Doctor’s Regeneration?!? Because there really had been. At least the last 3 episodes or so. Right? And it doesn’t help that the internet has none stop chat about who the next Doctor will be.Β 


Oh fuck-a-doodle, I’ve only seen a promo picutre including the Doctor, Missy and the MASTER!?

Until next week my fellow Whovians. Have a lovely rest of your week!!


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