Today I purchased Harry Styles Concert Tickets

Harry Styles Live on Tour 2018 Dates

Today, I purchased Harry Styles Concert Tickets for a show that is 1 year away. Yes, I am 32 year old female who likes the jams of the lima bean looking pop rocker. Yes, the concert is 1 year away. Lots can happen in 1 year. But I’m so excited. This is my first concert since 2008. By the time the concert comes around it would have been 10 years since I saw No Doubt live on stage. And what an amazing show that was. Hopping. Singing. Rocking out with my non-cock out. 6 rows away from a sweaty Gwen Stefani. It was magical. It is a high that is incomparable.

And now, I get to see Mr. Styles in the flesh. Just him and his band (not the boy band). I’m excited and scared. Like am I going to be the only 30 something in the crowd? Am I going to judged by the youngins or their parents? Am I going to get weird looks by everyone because who is this old lady here to see a young pup?

I say fuck it. I like his music. He’s a-fucking-dorable. And I’ve wanted to see One Direction for ages now. So I get to see a fifth or fourth of 1D in a year. Age be damned. I’m 32 but I love me some pop/rock music. It makes me happy. Music has no age limit. It is not a you must be this tall to ride. You can love The Beatles at 4 or 84 years old.

By the way, the concert ticket buying system really sucks. Normal humans like me and you are battling the likes of bots who are controled by stubhub selling fuckers who are basically scalpers. Buy those tickets at lower prices and then triple the profit. Fuckers! I just want to see a show not give you my first born for exchange for watching a lima bean on stage.

I know this was a little different of a post but a post of importance to me none the less.

Hope everyone have a lovely day.


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