Doctor Who Season 10 Episode "Empress of Mars" Episode Recap/Review

Hi and welcome back to a recap of a an episode of Doctor Who as I watch it live. Let’s get into it shall we? Mostly because I’ve already pressed played. Sorry, I didn’t wait for you to be ready I was excited.


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The Doctor, Bill and Nardole are off on another adventure. This time they are headed to Mars where they find oxygen, a snarly scaley armored big not of earth kind and humans that look like the Jumanji character that hunts rhinos and other endangered animals. Turns out the Jumanji fuckers are using the not of the earth fellow as a slave. It was announced he’s the last of his people but the Doctor isn’t so sure.

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And of course, the Doctor was right on. Seems like Friday, the not of the earth guy is not the only one of his race alive. Turns our he was playing the Jumanji guys slaves so they could find his Queen.   And they do find his Queen. Turns out his Queen is more like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland basially shouting “off with thier head” toward the Jumanji guys.
Side note: Commercial breaks are less frequent and less lengthy this episode. 
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Ala Doctor Who fashion they have managed to piss of the ones in charge and they are dequested to the brig along with the former Colonel who was just dethroned. Somehow the Jumanji Victorian fuckers blasted the Queen and Friday inside a cave. Flash back to the cave where you see the Queen’s army marching one by one. Seem like the Jumanjis best to get a stepping because something wicked this was comes.  
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The Ice Queen asked Bill what her opinion was earlier as they were the only females among the sea of sea of males. Bill conquered with the Doctor and the rest is hisotry. Not but 10 minutes later a war breaks out between the Ice Queen, her army and the English. Unnecessary. 
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Oh shit fuck! Nardole asked Missy for help on how to get the Tardis back to the Doctor and Bill. And Missy said that she’d need to go to see it. So Nardole had no choice but to enlist Missy’s help, let her go from her prison and get her to start the Tardis and head to Mars. I forgot to mention that Nardole entered the Tardis early on in the episode and someone/something/the Tardis itself hightailed it right outta there with Nardole on board. He’d been trying to get back to the Doctor the entire episode. Funny that he found Missy and got back right when the episode ended. Oh Nardole. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed my recap. Stay tuned for next weeks. Same bat time. Same bad place. 

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