Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 8 Live "Lie of the Land" Episode Recap

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 8 Live “Lie of the Land” Episode Recap

Hi and welcome or welcome back to my recap/review as I watch the latest Doctor Who epsisode. Let’s get right into it. Please note this is filled with spoilers. 

Intro sequence. O weeeeee ooooo weeeeeeoooooo

So the Monks have taken over, it seems. And everyone on earth remembers them always being there. Brainwashing. World domination. Yikes!

Back from the first commercial break

Damn! They are living an almost Hunger Games District 13 existence. Dull. No bright colors and the monks aka government controls them. Nardole is back. He finds Bill, while she was talking to her dead mom. Another story. Poor Bill. She’s lonely.

The Monks have controlled the world for 6 months. But everyone thinks otherwise. Everyone thinks the Monks have been there since the beginning of time. So Nardole comes back with a plan. Which they start to execute. They hop on a boat to head into some kind of ocean based really big ship that they are holding the Doctor at.

Commercial break

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I’m sorry, I just had a mini stroke. WTF just happened?!? Uhm so Bill shot the Doctor?!? Like with a gun.

Let’s recap shall we: Nardole and Bill find the Doctor (quite easily mind you). The Doctor calls in the guards and calls the Monk on the telly. Bill doesn’t believe it, she’s in shock. She goes off on a tangent that basically she’s hurt, she was hopeful that the Doctor had a plan and would eventually get out of there. He tells her it’s HER fault that they are in this situation. He’s going along with her discussion she made in the previous episode (to read that recap please click here: http://1millionpageslater.blogspot.com/2017/05/doctor-who-season-10-episode-7-live.html)

Ouch, Doctor, fucking ouch! Again, poor Bill.

Side note: I didn’t see any blood and he dropped but something was mad fishing about that scene. 

Commercial Break

JUST KIDDING! The Doctor planned all that. The guards are on his side. He called the kitchen, not the monks and it was all Nardole’s idea. What a fucker.

Oh no, ya’ll. The Doctor and Bill went to visit Missy aka what’s been kept inside the vault under the University. Basically, Missy told them they had to kill the anchor to sever the control over humanity and the monks. Well that’s not really ideal as Bill is the mother effing anchor who started it all. And she doesn’t want to die. And the Doctor doesn’t want to kill her. Which is good too. 🙂

Another side note: The Doctor had a moment of regeneration. And that was scary AF as it’s been rumored all season that’s the 13th Doctor’s regeneration is coming really fucking soon. 

Commercial Break

And their in the monk headquarters. What a clever Doctor. He’s found out what’s happened. Gathered his gang. And has infiltrated his oppressors. God, it’s a good day to be part of the Doctor’s crew. Let me not talk too soon. As God only knows what might happen.

Commercial Break

*Sniffles and teary eyes* Awwwww Bill. Bill just said goodbye to the Doctor because she’s going to sacrifice herself to free the world of the Monks. Missy did say the anchor had to die. The Doctor tried. He got fried. She tied him up, when he woke up, she said goodbye to both the Doctor and Nardole and off she goes to save the world.

Show ends
YAY! Bill’s still alive!! 🙂 Wooohoooo! I really had a feeling that they wouldn’t kill her off and I’m so glad they didn’t. 
What an episode. Hope you enjoyed my life recap. Hope you have a lovely rest of your day my fellow Whovians. Until next week. 

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