Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 Live "Pyramid" Episode Recap

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 Live “Pyramid” Episode Recap

Spoiler filled post as I live recap as I watched Doctor Who Season 10, Episode 6’s “Pyramid”. 

9:00 pm – Doctor Who starts.
9:05 pm – Intro sequence. 

I am intrigued already, I love the pyramid and Egyptian legends, tales and hieroglyphics.

9:12 pm – First Commercial Break

Bill is on a date with Penny again when they are sitting at Bill’s kitchen when some UN gentlemen with guns barge in and they tell Bill that The Doctor is now the President of the Earth. If you watched last episode, you will remember that the Pope barged into their last date as well. Ruined that one. And seems like this is a theme. Poor Bill and her cock blocking Doctor.

They UN group brings Bill to fetch the Doctor. They fly the Tardis (that houses the Doctor) on a plane with Bill and Nardole to the pyramid that erected overnight. he blind Doctor walks right up to the 5,000 year old building. A piece of the building moves and we are met with one of the monk fuckers from the previous episode stating that they will rule the world but only when they are asked. Fuck, I hated those scary fuckers. They chat with a promise that the monks will reach out when ready.

9:23 pm – Commercial Break

The Doctor united Russia, China and the US armies to discuss what to do. He tells him he’s against World War III. These creepy fuckers hijack a plane that’s going to attack the pyramid. The monks also deterred a submarine that was headed towards them as well. It’s kinda a weird episode to be honest. Not high pace. A lot of information. The Doctor is still blind but he can see with his Ray Bans. Sometimes.

The last thing we hear before commercial break is “We are ready to talk” from the creepy robed monk fuckers.

9:35 pm – Commercial Break

The Doctor, Bill, Nardole, the UN guys, Russia, China and the US head into the pyramid to chat with the creepy fuckers. The creepers ask them for content to rule the world. They content from those people. They said something about needing to be wanted with love, not rules by fear. This is a rather deep episode so quickly. Love is more powerful than fear. Fear is temporary but love, love is pure. Deep indeed.

9:46 pm Commercial Breaks

Throughout the episode we are introduced to Erica, a lady who is working on some biochemical stuff in a lab with plants and some gas. Well something has gone wrong in that lab. The plants have shrivels up and died in some kind of goo. Someone else she’s been working with had taken off his lab suit equipped with head gear to protect you. And with that he falls to floor, foaming at the mouth and died. After he dies we see him dissolve into the floor. It’s was rather gross.

Meanwhile, the Doctor seems to have a plan. Thank fuck!

9:55 pm Commercial Time
Damn! The UN guy has been disintegrated. Now the people who represent China, Russia and the US go to the monk fuckers who determine that they surrender is a strategy that isn’t love so poof they be dead now. The monks turn to Bill, let her know she had power so they ask her if her intent is pure. Uh oh girl!
She’s struggling because the Doctor just told her he’s been blind for a while. She freaks because he’s in a lab that’s locked, he set a bomb that’ll go off in 2 minutes if he doesn’t  press a series  of number to get out of a room but he can’t see the dang  numbers because he’s blind. Longest. Sentense. Ever.
So Bill consented so the Doctor would get his sight back and he does instantly. 
10:00 pm End of Episode
Oh balls, Bill took the deal with the monks. And now the earth if theirs because Bill consented to turn over the planet to get the Doctor his sight out of love. It only took seconds for the Doctor to get his sight back as he was in the middle of saving the planet.
We won’t know how the Doctor manages to get out of this time. Until next time my fellow Whovians.

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