Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6 Extremis Recap & Review

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 6 Extremis Recap & Review

Hello my fellow Whovians and welcome back to another Doctor Who episode review and recap. And here we go…

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Jesus. This episode is bringing back very bad catholic school memories. So the Pope seeks out the Doctor for his help to read a document call Veritas. And those who have read this document have killed themselves (except one who has gone missing). Crickey. Naturally, the Pope goes to the Doctor and the Doctor goes to his companion of the moment, the lovely Bill Potts who was on a date. That cock blocking Doctor.

We finally get a glimpse as who or what the Doctor and Nardole are guarding or protecting or not letting escape… Missy?!?

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Wow. Doctor Who has officially become dark again. And I’m not talking about the lack of light in this episode, I’m talking about the serious tone of the story line makes me want to tilt my head and ask Why So Serious? And I was just saying how much I was liking the lightness of these first few episodes of the season. But now they’ve done it again… place a dark cloud of the series. Does anyone else feel the same?

This episode is a back and forth of the present with the people from the Vatican and the searching for the Veritas and the past with the execution of Missy, it seems.

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So the Doctor is blindly in a Pope-y looking chair, with the Veritas in front of him and some creature who killed of the Pope’s lackeys is heading his way but of course he can’t see it. Meanwhile, the Doctor sent Nardole and Bill to seek another one of the Pope’s lackeys, who holds a gun who is already dead. Meanwhile, Nardole and Bills tumble upon a room with bright ass portal openings that lead to a different locations. It’s almost like the trees from Nightmare Before Christmas. Except there aren’t any Santy Clauses here.

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The Doctor has a machine that gives him a limited time to see so he uses it to give him temporary vision to try to read the Veritas. While he attempts it and it works- he gets introduced to these creature of the Pope’s lackeys robes so as he’s getting accustomed to his temporary vision he notices its not who he thinks. It’s these scary mofos who talk but don’t move their mouth. And again, they are effing scary AF.

Nardole and Bill are portal hopping and go back to that room where all the portals are. They notice blood on the floor leading to 2 different portals. Nardole realizes he’s part of this virtual world and disappears. Then Bill finds the Doctor on the other end of one of the portal.

(Wow and we’re back)

And did I saw wow. One of the morals Doctor Who teaches you if that no matter what the situation you’re in, there is always hope and whatever shit you’re experiencing it is temporary. The Doctor always overcomes, deals and is ready to kick some serious ass.

(End of Episode)

He’s talking to missy alone in the underground of the university he teaches Bill at. No Bill. No Nardole. Just him and the box he needs to look after for 1,000 years. Wow.

What a freaking episode. It’s left me with a bit of a headache to be honest. What did you think of this episode? Like? Dislike? Didn’t watch it? Just like to read my reviews (which is cool too)? Let me know in the comments below. Hit that subscribe button if you’d like to be notified when I write new reviews.

Until next time my fellow Whovians.

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