Lauren Blakey’s Joy Ride Review

Lauren Blakey’s Joy Ride Review


Lauren Blakely’s Joy Ride Book Cover

I absolutely adore Lauren Blakey. Her writing. Her ability to tell a story. Her character development. Her plot-fucking-twists. I love all those things and more. The way she can write two fictionally characters getting it on that makes you feel like you are right fucking there. Amazing. Not everyone has that talent. Lauren Blakey, don’t quit your day job and keep on popping those books out. I cannot get enough of you!

About 99.5% of the book is in Max’s POV. Which, naturally, I love when the dude’s feelings and experiences are shared. It’s nice to know when and if guys are feeling some pancaking flipping¬†feeling in their stomach.

Right off the bat we are introduce to the mind of Max, our lovely, hunky, manly, heart of gold mechanic who who has a thing for his apprentice. His apprentice who happens this grease monkey saucy bombshell with sugar and spice and everything nice, Henly aka Tiger.

They have a history folks. They have some drama. And we fast forward to 5 years later (present day) that they run into each other and that fire hasn’t fizzled. It’s instant chemistry (beautifully written). I loved watching the evolution of this pair is a dream, many people’s fantasy I’m sure and just plain HOT!

We have some bumbs and bruises along the way but nothing too earth shattering. Everything is fixable when it comes to love, right? Especially when you are present for th emoment the guy falls in love with the girl. You swoon. I mean MOTHER FUCKING swoon! The chemistry between these two can melt iceburgs.

Basically, I loved this book. It was believable. It was realistic. It was funny. It was romantic. It was a joy ride from start to finish! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes HEAs. Link to purchase via Amazon :

Lauren Blakey, author of Joy Ride

I have an idea… what do you think my fellow readers, should I do an author spotlight on Lauren Blakey, like I’ve done before?!?

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