Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 5 Oxygen Review

Doctor Who was extremely relevant to today and really early on in the episode. Maybe it’s always been but I haven’t noticed as I’ve never watched Doctor Who live, I’ve always ever binged watched it before now.
We find ourselves with a blue creature who tells Bill “Oh great, she’s racist” when she gawks at him because she’s never seen a blue person. So 2017!

(Commercial break)

HOLD THE FUCK UP… No, it can’t… They wouldn’t… Would they? Fuck, they better not have… IF they did I might just riot. WTF?!?

SIDE NOTE: This is a good time to mention that I blog live as I watch the show (in between commercial breaks). I don’t pee or get a snack, I write about what I’m seeing, how I’m feeling and what’s going on.

But now, I feel like screaming because I hope they didn’t do what I think they just did.

(Show is back from commercial)
Ok so they didn’t do what I thought they did but it just got way worse. When the Doctor asks if his companion trusts him, you know what’s about to happen might just hurt a little a lot. It doesn’t look so good for our companion Bill. They’re in space, with only a few hundred breathes available from their suits and they have zombie space people who aren’t interested in brains but rather touching you to kill you and have the ship control your every move and repeat.

(Commercial break time)

Holy shit that was intense. This episode had a breath death countdown. Which their available breath countdown counted down I felt my breath get slower like meditation slow. Long slow breaths.

Bill is alright. We trusted the Doctor and he came through. Which was lovely. I hate it when he disappoints.

(Show Ends)

HOLY SHIT! That ending though. Oh for fuck’s sake. That serious left me with a dunn dunnnnn dunnnnnnnnn moment. I’m glad Doctor Who doesn’t always have a HEA. Sometimes shit goes down and there ain’t shit you can’t do about it to fix it.

Until next time my fellow Whovians. Be nice to people and keep on Doctoring on. 😉


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