Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 4 Knock Knock review

And we’re back with another Doctor Who episode review. Can I say that I love that the episode is in real time and that it’s about something people struggle with IRL. 
We find Bill struggling the find a house on her budget as a college student. She has to get a place with 5 roommates/flatmates. As they search for a house an old man finds them (rather convenient if you ask me) and offers them a house with huge rooms for them at a price they can’t turn down. Right off the onset the house just doesn’t seem quite right. 

One of the things I love about Doctor Who is that they take the ordinary, normal and something that we accept as part of our every day and they turn it into something for us to question, to fear or to wonder about. It’s no longer something normal or the standard. It’s a house that creeks. Especially the first couple of nights you jump at every noise the new house makes as it settles in.

But alas, this is Doctor Who, an old creeky house just isn’t an old creeky house. It’s an infestation of alien lice that eat the inhabitants so they become part of the house. And of course the Doctor figures that shit out lickity split. It could be the Cyber Men or Dalik or any other number of creatures but he figures out it’s the house, it’s beatle like inhabitants. 
Then (because it is never just what it seems) we find another layer to the mystery… it’s not just the beatles or the house it’s the old man. He’s sustaining his dying daughter by having the alien lice eat the house inhabitants every 20 years. But wait there’s more…
Triple plot twist- It’s not his mother he’s keeping alive artificially… it’s his mother! Dunn dunnn dunnnnnnnnnnn. 
I love that a show as far fetched as a alien, that looks like a man, that flies between time and space in a English Police Call Box teaches you such lessons as when it’s your time to go, it’s your time and sometimes you can’t force the inevitable. I love this lesson as well – don’t drag other into you mess, it is yours and other people have their own crapola going on. Just accept and move on. 
All in all, I really love the feel of this season of Doctor Who. It is quite refreshing. It isn’t as dark as Clara’s last couple of episodes. It’s serious, yea but the Doctor is funny again. As funny as dry British humor gets but I laugh nonetheless.
Until next time my fellow Whovians. Have a lovely rest of your day.
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