Doctor Who, Season 10 Episode 2 Smiles Review

Can I just say how refreshing Pearl Mackie is for Doctor Who. She asks all these questions that I haven’t even thought of yet. It’s pretty cool. She asks how much the TARDIS costs? And did you know The Doctor stole it? I didn’t. That was neat. 
On this week’s episode the Doctor takes Bill to the futuristic Earth. Where there aren’t any humans, just robot vardy flocks that detect moods. The vardy are this swarm of robots that fly around this futurist Earth. The interface robot (looking like what robots normally look like) express themselves with emojis. Which I think is funny so far in the future we still express ourselves with thumb up emojis. The Doctor figures out that this particular future isn’t what it seams. It’s more :'( than :). 
Turns out there is this large yellow coin shape that is installed on your back that shows you mood. If you aren’t happy, the vardy are trained to irradiate anyone not happy. 
As The Doctor tries to fix this shituation, he runs Bill back to the TARDIS. But of course, she doesn’t stay there. They go on the hunt to right the wrong together. Along the way the figure out what, how, when, etc. And of course, the entrance to the belly of the beast
Turns out the future Earth holds the last of the human race. And they have to be happy about that or they could be the END of the human race. 
Turns out the vardy were created to keep everyone happy. Bill finds a older lady who has died. She had a book with photos near where she lays. The photos tell a story of others. And how they died. The Doctor and Bill, together figure out that once the older lady dies, other begin to feel grief and sorrow, they are sad that this lady has died. The vardy sense this and as they are only supposed to have their humans happy they eradicate those feeling anything other the unhappy. They get rid of the unhappy people. 
The last of the human race wake, the Doctor explains that they need to be happy and they their friend that woke earlier than they did are now dead.  As humans their first reaction is violence. They arm themselves for battle and they attempt to fight or kill the vardy. In true doctor form, he stands against violence, guns and does something Doctor-esque. He reprograms the vardy. He resets them. He gives the humans a chance to start a new… again.
I love this new feel to Doctor Who. Bill is so fresh, brilliant and just fucking fantastic. Peter is a great actor. The Doctor is something that is ever changing and constantly evolving. Keep it up. Until next time.
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