Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded review by Mel


Hannah Hart is my hero. She was one of the first youtubers that I watched on a continual basis. She’s adorable, witty af and completely lovable. Of course this is all her persona. That’s what she wants us to see.

Beneath the Tunes Day and My Drunk Kitchen is a woman with a life that we don’t see every Tuesday or Thursday. A life where no one should have. In her short life of 29 years she’s lives more than one lifetime. In this book she reveals stories and passages from her life that saddened me and made me want to hug her. 
This book is an autobiography of sorts that makes me want to hug Hannah and tell her she’s doing just effing fine. To leave that ish behind her and move on to the amazingly bright future she has ahead of her. 
But sometimes you can’t leave your past behind you. Ms. Hart shows you can triumph from wherever you started. Head up, stay strong and know good days are ahead and practice that Reckless Optimism.

Hannah shares stories from her childhood, college years, youtube beginnings, youtube behind the scenes and much much more, 
Don’t expect her to reveal the secrets on how to become a viral sensation. But she’s gives you a glimpse of the biz and what she went through, how she stayed true to herself and how she stays grounded.
In the first bit of this book it really was doom and gloom. I was so sad. I even contemplated not finished it as I really just want to read happy ending books. And though this book has no ending as Hannah is still alive, thriving and doing her thing I remembered she’s a successful movie star with 3 movies under her belt, a successful youtuber and an author. She’s doing just fine with herself now and doing the best any human can do- just keep treking. 
Hannah Hart is inspiring and motivating. She’s delightful, pleasant and funny. I’m happy I finished her book. Good job, Hannah. 🙂
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