Beautiful Stranger (A The Beautiful Series Book) by Christina Lauren review by Mel

Addictive. Passionate. Unfuckingbelievably smokin’ hot. I want a Max in my life (perspective: I haven’t liked men in a really long time). And I want to be Sara when I grow up (perspective: even though she’s younger than me). And honest to goodness page turner.
Let’s dive into my life journey since purchasing this book:
     9 am – The purchase of Beautiful Stranger
     9:01 am- Starts reading Beautiful Stranger
    10 am- Cannot stop reading
    10:45 am- Thought: Need to shower
    11:30 am- Made it to the bathroom
    11:31 am- Pretend to poop so I can read more
    11:45 am-  Too many pages later, I hop in the shower
    12:00 pm- After shower, I pretend to poop some more to read
    12:30 pm- Sneak some reading while I do my make up
    1:00 pm- Sneak some reading while I do my hair
    1:30 – 7:00 pm- Family time with NO sneaking bathroom breaks to read, none of that
    7:00 pm – midnight – Read like my life depended on it or until I feel asleep
    8:00 – 10:00 am- Read until the bloody end of the story
The above is a guesstamation of the timelapse since I purchased the book. It went very much if not 100% like that. And yesterday I had to be a functioning human being. During family dinner, I was itching to crack open my phone and dig into the Beautiful world to see what would happen next. Try having a conversation about Trump and Clinton when all you wanted to do was go to a dark place, under covers, in a comfortable chair and get back to this story. And I could really have done without the chair, covers or darkness. I felt like a junkie in need her next hit of DIS BOOK! Jesus what a story. 

I am so positively fucking enamored by Max and Sara’s story in Beautiful Stranger. Absofuckinglutely loved the fast pace of it all. The back and forth of the characters. To know how she’s feeling and how’s feeling and why. It was beautifully written.

Ms. Christina Lauren, you have a new fan and that fan is most definitely me! I read the first book of this story a while ago. Amazon said I purchased it in 2013. I remember the cover and enjoying it but I forgot a lot of details. I always love when a series brings back the characters of previous books. Makes me happy.

We find Sara, who comes off a bad break up with some serious trust issues. She escapes her past and heads to New York where she meets Max very soon after moving. Max is diabolically handsome with a wicked British accent. There is so much chemistry it was almost palatable.

Listen here romance readers, this is an amazing fast paced story with fucking hot scenes and a couple of messed up characters who just need some love, the both of them. Reading about them love each other, is extremely realistic. I felt this was a real couple with real feelings not just some made up characters from a romance novel. While reading it gave me hope that maybe this couple possible happy to someone like me. I love books that give you hope.

Hope you enjoyed this review.
Happy Reading,

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