Lexi Blake’s Cherished: A Master’s and Mercenaries Novella review by Mel

Cherished: A Masters and
Mercenaries Novella

I just finished Lexi Blake’s Cherished: A Master’s and Mercenaries Novella and I’m still swooning. I am such a sucker for an awesome book and Ms. Blake didn’t disappoint… again! And boy do I love her for it.

In this book we find ourselves with new characters (or at least I don’t remember them being around before). Our mains are Dr. Will Daley, surgeon/badass Dom and Bridget Slaten, writer by day/bratty sub (I was going to say by night but it’s really by whenever the mood strikes, really).
Again, Lexi writes some amazingly likeable characters that you just help but love. Of course, the main characters of all these books are Sanctum patrons, the club that connects all these fictional people. They usually work together, play together and hangout together because of their common thread of sharing a lifestyle at Sanctum.

And Bridget and Will aren’t left behind. We find these characters curious about one another from afar. Some serious chemistry, one bratty sub, one hell bent Dom and they just so happen to be neighbors in the same building. Everyone has baggage and these two don’t disappoint with their fair share of drama inflicted by themselves, friends and some not so nice family. 
Without giving too much away, this shorter work of art is no less climatic, steamy and funny (OH! and didn’t I mention HOT? because as Pitbull likes to say WOOOIIIIIII!) then her full length features. You have the normal turmoil all of Blake’s books have and then some but it’s all worth it. She has never disappointed me. And I hope she doesn’t ever disappoint you either. 
This really didn’t feel like a novella. Sometimes novella or shorter stories seem rushed with missing aspects. But this book felt complete in good time with substantial  but the faster I read this one the faster I can start reading the next one. Which I’m stoked about!!
Before I started this review I already downloaded the next novella, Adored featuring hardass attorney, Mitch Bradford and one of Dr. Will’s sisters Laurel Daley. Lexi does something that everyone does- she pre-shadows for future books really really well. She introduced Mitch before in other novels, so if you read in order (like most people) then you already know him a bit. And Laurel appeared in a few scenes in this novel and you already love her (or at least you should and if you don’t I have no doubt you will be the end of their book). No spoilers but DUH!
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