Author Spot Light: Lexi Blake

Lexi BlakeAs of late, I have been in a dry spell with reading. It’s  rare when books can catch and keep my attention. It’s sad to say but I don’t even want to read so I don’t stumble upon something awful. 
On my attempt to find something worth reading I find a free Amazon Kindle book from Lexi Blake called “The Dome Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries Book 1)”.  With a title like that, it was extremely difficult NOT to download. So I didn’t fight it and I pushed purchase. 
The issue with a free first book in a series is that the first book is to entice you want to buy the rest of the series. And Ms. Blake didn’t miss that mark either. I don’t think there has been a first book in a series that has made me fall so fast for ALL the rest of the characters in the story, not just the mains. And be super ready to read all of their books just to see what happens next with this gang of underlined military misfits and the women who love them. 
The Dom who Loved Me by Lexi Blake

I read Sean and Grace’s story in about 2 days. Maybe a little less. I was hooked at first click. It was a page turner with very few bathroom breaks. I just needed to know what would happen next. Before I was done, I was  already downloading book 2 “The Men with the Golden Cuffs (Masters and Mercenaries 2)”.

Lexi Blake has found her calling. She has created a world that I feel like I’m one of them.   
I feel like I’m part of their world.  
Ahem. Thank you for letting me have my moment.  
So like I was saying before Ariel burst into song in my head… I feel close to these characters, like I know them, like I might be one of them. I love it when authors do that. 

Lexi Blake Dominance Never DiesAnd finally, I know I didn’t mention this but Lexi write some sexy and funny stories. The characters are sharp, sarcastic, hilarious and realistic. I did mention sexy right? Because they are panty melting. Jaw dropping. Adjust position to not feel so uncomfortable kinda of sexy. 
I’m now caught up with the series and biting my nails waiting for the book 11 “Dominance Never Dies” featuring Case Taggert and Mia Danvers. We’ll be waiting until June 14th. It’s available for Pre-Order.
Amazon, please stop trying to entice me with $0.99 romance novels. I want Lexi Blake’s new book and I’ll pay double for it just so I can read it NOW! Speaking of money, another plus is Lexi Blake’s books are about $4.99 each (as of original date of this blog post) and they are AMAZING! I seriously think she is worth a JR Ward book price!

If you’re interested in learning more about Lexi Blake and her Masters and Mercenaries series please click on the links below.

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Have you read any Lexi Blake or any of the Master’s and Mercenaries books? Any author you recommend to keep me going until

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