Grey by E.L. James review by Mel

I finished Grey a few days ago. Had to absorb what I’ve just read before I wrote about it.

Now I feel like I have to say I read the Fifty Shades of Grey a few times. I am rather familiar with this series. So I feel like I know this series rather well. Or well enough, it’s been a while since I read the series but I remember loads of it.

Right away, I felt like there were some serious discrepancies that distracted me from the story. Now, I didn’t go back to the original series and reference check because you know, I have a life and I read for fun not to fucking shoot myself in the face with more work that I don’t need at the moment. So I felt rather distracted by the series of events and the hows of the story.

So once I FINALLY got over the technical, I felt the book was good. I loved the insight into Christian’s brain. I felt that was serious lacking in the first book. Which was why this was perfect. It filled minor gaps that all good nerds get from watching TV shows, movies and books. Only nerds/geeks pay that much attention to detail we get the missing pieces.

There was very little surprise, so if you read the Fifty series, there will be no twists and turns because, frankly, it’s the same story just from a different point of view. And a few not so important gaps filled in.

This book made me with Ana was in love with Jose. Christian pissed me off the great majority of the time. I honestly wanted to punch him more than I wanted to hug him. You know what, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hug Christian OR Ana. I wanted to smack them both, really hard. Knock some sense into fictional characters.

I wonder… will there be a Grey Shader or a Freed Grey? It only makes sense. AND I would love how he dealt with the (SPOILER ALERT) prego scene, where he disappears to and what he’s thinking. How he felt when Ana went missing. (insert deep sigh) Now I just want to know more, like a true journalist. OR a true Aquarius. One of the two.

I do love we get more of a backstory with Christian, we get a few more glimpses into Christian’s psyche with his past, his mom, his adoptive family… it’s a nice dynamic we didn’t see before. MORE INSIGHT.

All in all, if you liked the Fifty series then Grey is definitely worth your time. 3 stars/books for this book.

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