Consequences of Deception by Ella Fox review by Mel

Elle Fox’s Consequences of Deception is HOT HOT HOT. One of, if not the hottest book I have ever read. Smoldering. Great writing. Easy read. I might still be wiping some tears away. Emotional roller coaster. Ambitious. Thrilling. Suspense. Thought provoking.

This book got me here (touches heart). And I don’t usually say that about books.

I had a difficult time getting ready for work as I was making myself late this morning with the “just one more chapter” method of reading and trying not to poke myself in the eye with the mascara wand because I just couldn’t get enough of this book.

Now, this was not an ARC and I did pay for this book- so I am not blowing smoke when I say that this was by far the best book I’ve read this year- Indie or not.

We find ourselves in a Cinderella like circumstances. We first meet Sloane, our heroine. She’s a few days shy of being free from her Uncle wife’s rule. You see, our Sloane has endured years of neglect and psychological torture for 4 and a 1/2 years. Tragedy struck her life all those years ago that made her be shipped to their home to live. She’ll be turning 22 in 10 days and thus her sentence, I mean her inheritance will her hers to do so as she pleases.

Well, on the 10th day, he shows up. Killian. Our male lead if you can call him that. He shows up all disheveled to whisk her away with very little information. He turns her life upside down when it finally being turned right side up. Killian isn’t your normal romance novel guy. He’s a prick. And more than half the book you want to slap his fucking face off. Even towards the end you still want to slap him some. Which is not like our normal hero. UGH!

The sex scene are smoking. I fanned myself because I was getting a little too hot (YES it is totally possible). Their journey was not like a Fifty Shades of Grey. Not to be compared. This story takes some serious twists and some bumpy turns. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of work.

Fox is an amazing author who keeps you captivated after the first page and I didn’t want this book to end but I couldn’t finish it fast enough! Good job and keep ’em coming!

I spent the majority of this book extremely angry but so relieved that I purchased this book. This was an amazing great book and I want there to be a part II. Maybe from Killian’s POV or maybe of spin off with another character. Hint Hint Ms. Fox there is an audience for a continuation.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Please find more reviews in my blog 1millionpageslater.blogspot.com.

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