Just One Week by Stacy Lynn- review


I didn’t think it would get any better than Just One Day. That book was fucking SMOKIN’. BUT Just One Week was fucking amazing! This one was so much more emotional driven than the first book in this series that I HOPE continues! **HINT HINT LYNN!**

In Just One Week, we find our heroin Mia that we met in the previous book living in New York. She’s just been fired. 🙁 She’s just had an god awful day which continued to get worse and worse. Her bitch of a boss fires her in a heartless way. When she gets home she finds Chase standing on her door step. She’s basically ignored him the last 6 months. All because she has stopped their non-relationship short.

Chase has basically pined over Mia for the last 2 years. He’s chased her (no pun intended) and wanted more than she can give him. Which was fine in the beginning of their friends with benefits but he’s fallen bad for Mia. It is endearing! *swoon*

He stops by to pick up Mia to go to their best friends-es wedding- on his private jet no less. Of course, Mia is reluctant but FINALLY agrees. They agree to a one week pact to be with each other. Chase wants to show Mia how good they could be together. What Chase doesn’t know is that Mia harbors a secret that she thinks he can’t handle.

Again- Mia is reluctant. But she agrees to try. They go on this rollercoaster of emotions this entire book. It’s truly fun to watch the up and downs. There are so many adorable moments in this book.

This book is truly a romance masterpiece. Everyone can relate to it. It is truly a goodread! If you like romance novels- YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BOOK!

Until next time. I’ll catch you on the next page.

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