Just One Song by Stacy Lynn review


I still don’t think I am fully recovered enough to write this blog about this amazing book.

I absolutely LOVE books that make you feel anything, books like this one. This book made me feel everything. Tis insane, I felt fucking insane! Let’s start out with sadness. Just this profound fucking sadness that knowing this book starts out with sorrow and you feel it in your soul. I read with teary eyes for a while. You feel this character’s pain. Again- INSANE I tell you!

Then we get a little excited. Because you know, its a rock star romance- so you know some sparks might start flying soon. Our hero, Nicole has suffered some imaginable shit in the last year and she’s feeling ready to start to live a little. Just a little. She heads out to one of the places she use to hang, another lifetime ago. Her friend Mia dares her to talk to a guy and have him buy her a drink. If she gets a guy to buy her a drink- Mia will buy her a pair of shoes. AND what girl doesn’t want a pair of shoes?!?! I wish one of my friends gave me a dare like this! 😉

So she goes to two guys in he bar and confesses she’s only there to get a pair of shoes from her friend. She tells them since she’s worked there before they probably won’t get charged for the drink. They of course find this very amusing. They ask to invite her friend over. When Mia gets closer to them she starts to freak the fuck out. She trips, she stutters, she makes a little fool out of herself. She recognizes one of the guys as the famous Zack, rock god!

From that point on the story gets crazy in a good way. You HAVE TO READ IT!

One of the MANY things I absolutely loved about this book is that the author gave them time to fall in love. It was gradual and you see it happen, you can feel it. It was beautifully written.

BUT the ending yo- I was ready to blast the author. As I was reading I was thinking if this ends the way I think it will end I will find a way to block her from my life, from goodreads and from amazon so I make sure that I never read her stuff again. Because I thought the book was going to turn bad super fast and I was just not having it. I was about to go super fangirl like if they ever kill Daryl from The Walking Dead. You know that shit is serious. As I was reading on all I was hearing in my head was don’ go there, let it be happy, don’t fucking go there, I will go crazy American woman and write to the publisher to never let you write again! BUT then, the sun FINALLY came out and I didn’t go all crazy angry American woman and all was right in the world again! *sigh* It could have gotten really ugly! 🙂

This author is so compelling and I feel so emotionally involved with this story, in the middle of writing this blog I clicked my happy ass to amazon to buy the next book Just One Week. This book is about Nic’s best friend, Mia and Zack’s bandmate Chase. *happy sigh*

I’m actually going to cut this review short because I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking excited to start reading Mia and Chase’s story!

Until next time. I’ll catch you on the next page.

Happy Reading,

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