Unbreakable by Abby Reynolds- Review


WOW! She’s done it again! She always brings it!!! YES! 

Ms. Reynolds has created another lovable story that has knocked my socks off! And I will not admit out loud, just in cyber space that I cried a few times. AND I don’t do that often for a book!

We have our heroin, poor damaged little Kiera. Our painfully sexy alpha male, Liam. We get introduced to Kiera first in the story. She’s terribly shy and skiddish around men. She is obviously traumatized by something in her past. Then we meet, our womanizer with a past Liam. He has the bad boy with a dark past down to a science. Oh I forgot to mention, he is also a UFC fighter. Rarr rarr rarrrrrrrrrrr. They meet through Kiera’s cousin Scotty. Scotty is Kiera’s protector, savior and only living relative left. Come in Liam who seems Kiera was a mystery. She isn’t his normal booty call of sorts. She’s reserved and wants nothing to do with him. So naturally he’s hooked on her. It’s adorable watching their love progress.

This is a good book. period point blank. It has humor, I laughed out loud. I cried. Reynolds writes for you to feel what her characters feel. You share their pain for the duration of the book. Normally, when I read a book I am done thinking about it right after I read the last word. But with Ms. Reynolds book they are thought provoking and always wanting to know what happens left. Ms. Reynold’s books are extremely realistic and a story you can relate to.

Ms. Reynolds, I gotta ask can you please give Scotty his own book too! I want him to kind love too and make it an amazing love story as well, okay? Okay.

So I went back to school at the end of May to finish my BA in Communications. And I put myself on a FUN book hiatus. This was the PERFECT book to come back into my book realm to read.

All in all I give it 5 marvelous stars out of 5! Well done Ms. Reynolds! Bravo. CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2!

Happy Reading,

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