Under my Thumb by Abby Reynolds (E.L. Todd)

Received this e-book as an ARC from the Author.
First, I want to apologize for getting you a pic of the cover, however, I couldn’t find one. :-/ As soon as one becomes available I’ll post it!
Second, go get this book when it becomes avaibale. It was moody and sexy and HAWT and everything you need in a great romance novel. Loveable characters. Impossible romances made possible.
This is completely two of my favorite romances genres- billionaires and rock stars. We have Cash, the billionaire. And Prudence the rock star. Match made in nerd girl dreams let me tell you! *SWOONS*
It was love at first audio bite really. Cash just happened to be at a show that Pru was playing at and the rest was basically history as they say. Obsession began on both of their parts really and thus begun a whirlwind romance. Romance sugar coated with some jealousy from a not-so-love-triangle.
See Pru is in a bad with Gavin who is head over heels in love with her. He’s done everything right and at the same time just done everything wrong. I seriously SERIOUSLY feel bad for the guy. Sorry Gavin. :-/ Better luck next time…. maybe you’ll get a book out of it! 😉 (*Hint hint*)
We have two strong main characters with lots of baggage that mirror each other. They reflect each other so well. They think they want the same things but alas Cash and Pru don’t want what they say they want. What they really find is something that either of them didn’t expect AT ALL! 
I hope its not too late for these two. I hope for the best.
Unfortuantely, Reynolds gets a few points knocked off for the ending. I HATE these types of endings BUT what is in store for us I believe is going to be worth. IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE! 🙂 Unfortuantely, this is NOT a feel good romance. This is a nail biter, I cannot believe they just did/did not/said that kind of tale. By the end of this novel you will be wanting more. The story was SOLID and honestly, you felt like you were best friends with Cash and Pru. I wished I could have slapped them both at times. BUT that’s what good authors and story tellers do- they make words feel real. Loved Under y
Happy Reading,

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